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Ball Broz vs. The Rock
Gold Division
12 p.m.


The Rock's highlights were few against Ball Broz, winners of 4 straight.

Ball Broz defeat The Rock, 101-69.

D'Angelo McDaniel finished with a game-high, 30 points and McDaniel led the former 2x Champions with 14 rebounds en route to a double-double. McDaniel was on fire shooting 52.4% from the floor as Kassah Kantiok (10 points, 11 rebounds) wondered why Daniel started passing.

"He was on fire, he should have kept shooting," said Kantiok. "I don't know why he kept passing to us, he was on fire."

Ed Principe was the second leading scorer for The Rock and he finished with 17 points on 37.5% shooting. Ryan Junsay added 5 points while Donte Robinson finished with 7. The team won't have the services of Michael Ashanti as word got around that he's moved to Las Vegas.

Mike Peters, last season's MVP, led Ball Broz with 24 points while Derrick Tamanaha added 20 points, 6 assists. Steve Carpenter added 11 while Kahlil Dukes finished with 12 points. Ball Broz finished with a 6-2 record and are #2 in the standings.


Monstars vs. Renegades
Gold Division
1 p.m.


Another 30 piece of Kris Dick as he finishes with 33 points, 23 rebounds against Monstars.

With just 5 players for Renegades, Kris Dick, MVP candidate, went balls out scoring a game-high 33 points as Renegades beat Baldwin Park team Monstars, 74-64.

As young as Monstars are (average age of mid 20's), it's weird to hear opposing teams call Monstars the Baldwin Park old heads as Ball Broz were hoping to see Monstars in the Playoffs. As young as Monstars are, they should have ran Renegades out of the building but Kris Dick would turn back the time finishing with 23 rebounds, 2 steals, and 33 points. Kris shot 59.1% from the field and was 50% from 3-point range knocking down 4 three's. Sergio Costanello finished with 14 points while Jason Fielder added a season-high, 21 points, 10 rebounds. Renegades dominated the glass, 45-26, and shot 52% from the filed while Monstars shot 46%.

Andrew Martinez, the favorite to win Rookie of the Season, finished with 22 points, 4 assists, and 4 rebounds. Johnny Cabrera added 15 points, 3 rebounds while Alex Barrow scored 11 points, 4 assists. GM Jared Ojeda added 8 points on 4-of-5 shoting from inside the 3 while Shane Hopkin added 7 rebounds. The absence of the Morelos Brothers affected Monstars as the team played without post presence, a huge factor especially against one of the division's biggest and tallest teams. 


Reckless vs. We Tried
Bronze Division
3 p.m.


The Claw and Luis Montes went at it, mano y mano, as Luis finished with 32 and The Claw finishes with 34.

That BOLD PREDICTION came true as Reckless showed up with 4 players and We Tried won their first game of the season, 74-68.

Winning their first game of the season, We Tried changed their name to WE DID as GM Anthony Meltcher finished with a double-double logging 20 points, 14 rebounds, 5 assists. Johnny Troung came back from injury and he had a big game scoring 13 points, 6 rebounds and 2 blocks. Cody Rote was limited to 5 points, 3 assists while newcomer, Lance "The Claw" German finished with 34 points, 18 rebounds and 3 steals. The Claw, seeing who Reckless' most competitive player was, guarded last season's Finals MVP, Luis Montes on several occasions as the two went mano y mano on several occasions.

"Real recognize real," said a league analyst. "As a fan of the game, you like seeing the game within the game and 1 on 1 match-ups are always fun. You can see those two wanted to win for their respective teams and they were talking sh*t just to get themselves going."

Montes might have taken an L but he backed up a lot of his talk, scoring 32 points, 3 three-pointers and 13 rebounds to lead the former Champions. Montes shot 59.1% from the field and while he might have gotten his shot blocked by "The Claw", Montes would quickly erase that memory with a 3-pointer on his grill. GM Noel Serpas finished with 15 points while Brian Serpas logged a double-double with 13 points, 16 rebounds. James Bernardo finished with 8 points as Reckless played with 4 players against the last place team.

The Reigning Lower Division Champions have a history of slow starts and triumphant finishes. Expect a full team to show up as both We Tried and Reckless meet in the 1st Round of Bronze Division Playoffs.


IHOB vs. We Tried
Gold Division
3 p.m.


The Claw quietly doing work against IHOB. Lance German finsihed with 33 points, 20 rebounds to lead We Tried in a loss.

IHOB, much like Reckless in their previous game, showed up with just 4 players and it appeared We Tried was ready for a double-header sweep. It was a bold prediction league analysts predicted but IHOB had other plans as all four players score in double figures in a 82-72 win over We Tried.

Myles Barnet finished with a double-double, 28 points, 11 rebounds while Adrian Lecesne added 18 points, 3 steals, 2 assists. Bryan Hillcloud added 14 points while Jason Shorts finished with 22 points, 9 rebounds. While Barnet finished with a double-double (28 points, 11 rebounds) to lead IHOB in scoring, league analysts felt enigmatic Jason Shorts had a bigger impact for IHOB. Jason was doing a lot of the little things that don't show up on the box score and his perfect attendance for IHOB should finally give IHOB a Player of the Week winner in the form of Jason Shorts. Jason played all 8 games for IHOB and while many see him as the "Draymond Green" of Bronze Division, league analysts are seeing Jason for his blue collar work.

"He doesn't speak much unless you talk to him, he has that wall and he talks a lot of sh*t when he's on the floor," observed a league analyst. "He's one of those guys you hate to play against, but appreciate on your team. His defense and his leadership won't show up on the box score but those are the intangibles that you see when you actually watch the game. Put some respek on Jason Shorts' name, he has my Player of the Week vote."

Anthony Meltcher finished with 26 points, 9 rebounds while Cody Rote led We Tried with 4 assists. German Lance "The Claw" grabbed a quiet double-double finishing with 33 points, 20 rebounds on 61.9% shooting. Players were quick to criticize the claw on his VBL jersey as league officials quickly defended the rookie Center.

"For someone with a flashy VBL jersey, he should be putting up numbers," cracked a bystander.

"Actually, he already has 20 points, 15 rebounds," interrupted a stats-keeper. "He's quietly doing work."



Ball Broz vs. Hoopers
Gold Division
4 p.m.


The look you give when a player from Hoopers is trying to get traded to Renegades. (No names mentioned)
Pictured: Derrick Tamanaha, Ball Broz.

Ball Broz win, via forfeit by Hoopers.


Renegades vs. Prodigy Plug
Bronze Division
5 p.m.


Isaiah Watson finishes with 35 as Prodigy Plug finishes the season with a 3 game winning streak.

Prodigy Plug defeat Renegades in a match-up that GM Aaron Mancell should be lowkey thankful for. Prodigy Plug, "The Team of the Future NOW" extends their winning streak to 3 games with a huge 79-71 win over former 2x Champions, Renegades.

"Are we really lock for the 2 spot?" said a Renegades player, post-game. "I'm really bored playing against Hoopers. Can we play someone else?"

Renegades will take on Monstars in the 1st Round of the Playoffs as Kris Dick (25 points), Mike Ratliff (23 points) and Justian Hamilton (16 points) all scored in the double-digits for Renegades against Prodigy Plug. In their second game of a double-header where seeding was more important, Renegades quickly forgot about the loss.

Prodigy Plug, winners of 3 straight, was led by Isaiah Watson who finished with 35 points on 44.8% shooting. Isaiah, needing 6 games to qualify for End of the Season Awards, was hot from 3-point range knocking down 6 three-pointers on 35.3% shooting. He led the team with 4 steals as Prodigy combined for 10 swipes. GM Paul Magaway made his return to the line-up (knee injury) and he finished with 22 points, 5 rebounds, and 3 assists. Garrison Shey added 9 points while Steven Goytia added 4 points, 2 steals.


Chicle vs. Foundation
Bronze Division
6 p.m.


Danny Villalobos scored 23 points to lead Chicle past Foundation for the second time this season.

Chicle finished the season with an undefeated record as Chicle hold off Foundation, 64-60.

New Chicle Center, Danny Villalobos turned in his Player of the Week nominee finishing with 23 points, 5 rebounds and 3 three-pointers. Chef King Kas pointed out in an interview that Villalobes redeemed himself after committing a JR Smith play as Villalobes finished shooting 43% from the field. CJ Pang finished with 10 points, 4 steals while Mike Trout was smothered and was "limited" to just 8 points, 6 rebounds, 2 assists. Trout, a leading MVP candidate in Bronze Division, has been on fire all season and still found ways to contribute, filling up the stats sheet with 6 rebounds, 2 blocks and 2 assists.

Traditionally, the team with a perfect record has finished with GM of the Season honors and MVP honors. GM of the Season Chris Duran finished with 9 points, 2 steals but word on the street is his guys will be participating in the Nike 3 on 3 Tournament and their participation should even out the playing field.

Foundation is finding ways to chip away at Chicle's dominance and by controlling the tempo against Chicle, Foundation was within striking distance unlike their previous match-up on Week 4. GM Jonathan Wynn finished with 21 points, 6 rebounds while Mark Mercado added 19 points, 4 rebounds. Center Mike Arceo finished with 7 points, 6 rebounds while Adrian Eddington added 6 points, 8 boards. The players from the Champions are doing all the little things to contribute to their match-up, without having to contribute to the stats sheet and currently, just subbing in for a tired player is helping their cause.

"Father Time is undefeated, and we need all the subs we can get," joked a player from Foundation.


East LA Dream Team vs. Relics
Gold Division
7 p.m.


It took 8 games but Relics' last Regular Season field goal was a throwback dunk from the league's all-time highest profile dunker, Alphonso "Flight" White

League analysts went 1-for-8 in their Bold Predictions but that's why they're called, "Bold Predictions". East LA Dream Team, Reigning 2x Champions, almost made it 2-for-8 as East LA Dream Team nearly sends the game into OT. Relics secure the #1 see with a 69-68 win over East LA Dream Team.

The 18x Champions had this game secured, leading 66-59 with 1:12 left in the contest. Missed dunks and free throws led to an improbably East LA Dream Team comeback. Down 69-64, East LA Dream Team made a 3 to narrow the lead, 69-67, and the game would have gone into OT as last season's Finals MVP, Ever Garcia, converted 1 of 2 free throws to end the game.

Ever led East LA Dream Team with 29 points on 52.6% shooting while Reyes Cervantes added 19 points, 5 rebounds. Alan Rosas finished with 9 points while GM Mario Miramontes added 4 points, 2 rebounds.  Mario played the most minutes he's had all season in this match-up and it's no coincidence that Relics' leading scorer, Cisco Acevedo, had one of his lowest scoring games of the season.

"They figured out a way to stop Cisco, Mario did a good job playing D on him," said stats-keeper, Mario Miramontes.

Bobby Kovach led Relics for the first time in scoring this season and he finished with a team-high, 25 points on 90% shooting. Bobby grabbed 10 boards to finish with a double-double while Lasalle Thomas led Relics with 11 rebounds and 6 points. James Acevedo continues to work through his shooting woes as the GM led Relics with 6 assists. Relics returned to Superstar Basketball with a 7-1 record as Cisco Acevedo and Bobby Kovach leads all players in MVP and Defensive Player of the Season honors, respectively.

Voting for End of the Season Awards will be announced soon.