2018 WINTER  |  SEASON 40

By: League Analyst
Contributing Writer


Chicle vs. nWo


With a full roster, nWo was a contender. Their roster has suffered in recent weeks and nWo is now 3-4.

nWo played 4 on 5 to start the game, leading 16-12 at the end of 1st quarter. Chicle was on fire in the 3rd quarter as Chicle defeat nWo, 75-52.

Stuff happens... and the league needs to have a back up plan in case life happens. The League Commissioner made a late appearance resulting in stats not being taken the first 16 minutes of the contest.

Without utilizing the stat sheet and watching the game on the surface, here is what we learned.

1. Chicle plays to the level of their competition. They can compete with East LA Dream Team and Ball Broz, but lost to Reckless and started slow against nWo.

2. When they're on fire, THEY ARE ON FIRE. Playing a zone defense is the worst possible defensive scheme against Chicle.

3. Their ability to find the open man is similar to how East LA Dream Team operates.

Here is what we learned about nWo.

1. Four straight turnovers and no one runs back on defense, I guess they only care about scoring.

2. One weekend there's 15 of them, the next there's 4. Talk about inconsistency.

3. They were better off playing 4-on-5 then 4 1/2 vs 5. That was a short joke on the Commish... lol


NOTE: Stats weren't taken the first 14 minutes of the game. Commish's car was out of commission -_-


Elements vs. Ball Broz


This could be another blow out for Ball Broz if Elements once again play without 2 of their starters. 4-on-5, anyone?

Icing on the cake.

On Thursday evening, Superstar Basketball officially announced the Season 40 MVP, Mike Peters, who finished the season averaging 35.5 ppg. Mike led Ball Broz to a 7-1 record finishing first in the league for the first time in franchise history.

Elements played without their core again as Luke Montilla finished with 30 points, 10 rebounds and 5 asissts. Cody added a team-high 34 points while Anthony Meltcher finished with 19.

Mike Peters ended his historic season with 87 points, 29 theree-pointers and 5 assists. Ball Broz is the hottest team in the league and they've made a lot of noise in recent weeks thanks to Mike's recent outburst in the scoring column. Robert Morgan finished with 29 points, 17 rebounds, and 10 assists while Steve Carpenter added 18 points, 13 rebounds. Ball Broz faced the 2 teams that struggled the most this season in the last 2 weeks and the lack of competitiveness has many wondering if Ball Broz will play lackadaisical in the playoffs.



East LA Dream Team vs. Reckless


Reckless' back court was off to a fast start. Their front court has played huge in recent weeks.



Killmonger vs. Undisputed Era


Without their General Manager, Undisputed Era has taken a lot of Ls in recent weeks.

Forfeit - Undisputed Era.