All games are in the morning and evening.

By: League Analyst
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Fire Squad vs. Hoopers
Bronze Division
9 a.m.


Shadon Knight is questionable for the match-up this week against Fire Squad.

Fire Squad had a bye week on Week 7 and will end their season with a tough double-header against the much improved Hoopers squad and Chicle, last season's Bronze Division Champions.

Hoopers snapped their 3 game winning streak against Chicle on Week 7 and several players may be questionable for the match-up including Shadon Knight. Shadon was instrumental in the team's resurgence but a little spying on social media has Shadon in Las Vegas as of Saturday evening. Will it be a sadder day for Hoopers, a team that may end the season with a 2 game losing streak.

All that matters is Playoffs and for a while this season, rookie team Fire Squad looked unbeatable. Otto Guillermo has been on fire from 3-point range while big man Anthony Euregui leads the team on the boards. GM Guillermo has to be careful with the team's minutes since Fire Squad has a double-header with their second game against the Champions.

Prediction: Fire Squad. If Hoopers' Shadon Knight makes it back before game time, it would be competitive but without their Knight in armor, Hoopers are looking at a 2 game losing streak.


Fire Squad vs. Chicle
Bronze Division
10:00 a.m.


Expect GM Chris Duran to clamp down on defense.

Championship Chicle suffered their only loss against Fire Squad earlier this season. That loss was a 1 point loss where All Star Mike Trout saw his buzzer beater rim out. Chicle hasn't had an L since and Chicle has all momentum going as we end Season 42.

Chicle could have had 3 All Stars representing their Championship team as Jay Tapang nearly missed out on Player of the Week honors. "Nitro" CJ Pang and Mike Trout have been putting up numbers this season and Chicle's reputation as a solid team continues to grow. On the surface, they look like a middle of the pack Bronze team and GM Chris Duran thrives on that. Opponents usually underestimate Chicle, a team destined to go back-to-back.

Prediction: Chicle has made adjustments and now, it's up to Fire Squad GM, "Otto-matic" Guillermo to hit contested shots. He earned Player of the Week honors by knocking down numerous three's against Chicle and it was GM Chris Duran that left him open on numerous occasions. He won't be open this time around and we'll have to see if he could hit those contested shots. Chicle with a blowout...


Bullets vs. IHOB
Bronze Division
11:00 a.m.


All Star Adrian Lecesne was voted Player of the Week by his peers on Week 7.

Game of the Week?

The league was ready to give Player of the Week honors to Angel Romero, who exploded for 46 points against We Tried. 3 players were deserving of Player of the Week honors and voters opted to choose last season's Rookie of the Season, Adrian Lecense.

Will Angel get his revenge or will Adrian prove his Player of the Week award was deserving of an All Star nod?

While the subplot is intriguing the bigger storyline is Playoffs. With IHOB sitting at #5 with a 3-4 record and Bullets sitting with a 4-3 record at #3, a Playoff berth could be at stake.

Prediction: Bullets have plenty of ammo in the chamber and their experience playing together will get them far into the Playoffs. IHOB is a young team and their lack of experience could be problematic once Bullets get their offense going. IHOB ran Foundation to the ground last weekend but this week, Bullets could be running IHOB out of the building.



Entourage vs. East LA Dream Team
Gold Division
12:00 p.m.


Earlier this year, East LA Dream Team was winning back to back chips. This season, they've only won 1 game.

 "It's a good thing we're not playing anyone hard," said a player from East LA Dream Team.

Entourage has lost 4 straight games and their Playoff lives are at stake against the former back-to-back Champions, East LA Dream Team. The team's lack of depth and defense has led to their 4 game skid but against East LA Dream Team, Entourage should get back to their winning ways.

East LA Dream Team hasn't been competitive since Game 1 of the season. The veterans and the core from the Championship East LA Dream Team has split ways and the result is a 1-6 record.

Prediction: Entourage should snap their 4 game losing streak but will that be enough? There are 3 teams tied with 2 wins - The Rock, Monstars and Entourage all competing for the last Playoff spot.

East LA Dream Team has been inconsistent and with East LA Dream Team providing bulletin board material, look for Entourage to play with inspiration.


The Rock vs. Prodigy Plug
Gold Division
1:00 p.m.


Can Prodigy Plug get Isaiah Watson a Player of the Week honor?

The Rock has a tough schedule on Week 8 playing against Killmonger and Prodigy Plug. While it may look impossible on the surface, Renegades had a similar scenario on Week 7 and proceeded to shut everyone up by giving Killmonger their first loss and beating Monstars. With a Playoff spot secure for Renegades, The Rock needs to do what Renegades did on Week 7 and sweep their double-header on Week 8.

Prodigy Plug defeated The Rock, 59-39 on Week 4. Isaiah Watson finished with 20 points while rookie C Marcus finished with a team-high, 12 rebounds. Prodigy Plug doesn't have an All Star yet this season so look for Isaiah to have a big game against The Rock.

Prediction: GM Ben Sin needs to remind his team not to bring up what happened on Week 7...

For those who don't know what happened, The Rock lost to Sick Pick Ups, a team that only had 4 players. The Rock had a 20 point lead after Sick Pick Ups showed up 10 minutes late and The Rock proceeded to lose by 1.

With Playoff lives at stake, expect The Rock to leave it all out on the floor.


The Rock vs. Killmonger
Gold Division
2:00 p.m.


Will Killmonger bounce back from their first loss of the season?

Killmonger suffered their first loss of the season last weekend against Renegades. They're face with a similar opponent, The Rock, a team playing a double-header and playing as if their Playoff lives at stake. Will Killmonger bounce back from their first loss of the season or will suffere the same fate as they did on Week 7?

Prediction: The Rock playing the division's top team in the second game of a double-header is a TOUGH task. GM Ben Sin was given the option of having an hour break in between games but the division's oldest team ignored the recommendation and double downed.

Historically, the team that plays a back-to-back usually starts off with a huge lead, only to run out of gas and have the other team come back in the 2nd half. The Rock, Monstars, and Entourage all have 2 W's and a 3rd WIN should secure a Playoff spot. Will The Rock sweep like Renegades did on Week 7 or will they be on the outside looking in?


Foundation vs. We Tried
Bronze Division
7:00 p.m.




We Tried is still looking for their 1st win of the season.

Word on the street is several players from We Tried are in Vegas while Foundation players are going to be at Apple Bee's for their weekly Senior Citizen meet-up. A 4-on-4 match-up could take place and believe it or not, this could favor winless team, We Tried.

GM Anthony Meltcher should be padding his stats and could be the All Star player representing We Tried this season. The Nava Brothers are rumored to be in Vegas so look for Anthony to get plenty of scoring opportunities.

With an All Star berth already secured for Jonathan Wynn, Mark Mercado could be next for Foundation. Having a huge scoring game against a winless team won't guarantee Player of the Week status, as seen last week when Angel Romero dropped 46 and still finished 3rd in voting.

Prediction: Foundation won't have their bigs and without Playoffs in the future, Foundation is in danger of playing lackadaisical. We Tried, looking for their first win, is hungry and SHOULD beat Foundation if they run the floor. Look for We Tried to score the upset and avoid being the only team not to win a game in Season 42.


Monstars vs. Relics
Gold Division
8:00 p.m.


Could Roderick Evans be the second player from Relics to make an All Star appearance?

19x Champions, Relics, were expected to fall from contention after losing the gut of their roster due to injuries. Defensive Player of the Season, Bobby Kovach, James Acevedo, Alphonso White and Andrew Knox have all played sporadically this season but the Relics have re-tooled their line-up and haven't lost a step.

Killmonger GM, Steven Ancheta, has noticed Relics' perseverance and has voted for James Acevedo as GM of the Season.

Meanwhile, Baldwin Park team, Monstars, are hoping to qualify for post-season action and they have to win against the defending Champions, Relics, to advance to the Playoffs. The addition of their rookie point guard was supposed to turn the franchise around but he's only played 1 game and Monstars have been losing since. 

Prediction: This could be the second straight season Relics eliminate Monstars from Playoff contention.



Sick Pick Ups vs. Try Hards
Gold Division
9:00 p.m.


In 5 games, Ryan Carter is averaging 43 ppg.

Both rookie teams have star power as Try Hards, led by All Star Ryan Carter, has another chance at scoring 50 points this week. The division's leading scorer had a chance to surpass Ken Ubom's scoring record of 41.3 ppg and his scoring line looks like this - (43 ppg)

On the flip side, Sick Pick Ups is led by All Stars Dell Well and Chad Dennis. Both put up big numbers but the lack of bodies in recent weeks could be detrimental for Sick Pick Ups especially with the Playoffs coming around in 2 weeks. Can Sick Pick Ups pull it together?

Prediction: Both teams have qualified for post-season action and its anyone's guess how both teams will play this out. Will they go 1-on-1 and try to pad their individual stats or will they use this game to build momentum for Playoffs? Try Hards isn't just the Ryan Carter show and they have defeated teams like Renegades in Ryan Carter's absence. Do not sleep on Try Hards!