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Ball Broz vs. The Rock
Gold Division
12 p.m.


The Rock's Glenn Payne is confident the team will turn on the light switch in the Playoffs.

Key Player:  Mike Peters (15.8 ppg), Reigning MVP, Ball Broz. The ball wasn't in his hands for the majority of play last week and the result was a low scoring game for the Reigning MVP. The ball is now in the hands of Yader Combs (4.6 apg, 11.2 ppg), new Ball Broz PG, and the result last week was a win. Mike has always been a team player but the high scoring games of Mike Peters seems like a thing of the past if Ball Broz continues to put the ball in the hands of their new guard.

Things to look for:  The Rock to build momentum for the Playoffs. Anything can happen in the Playoffs and it looks like The Rock is confident they can turn it around. That would mean they would need to upset the 18x Champions, Relics, if they are to advance to the Semis. The former 2x Champions has lost 5 straight and that has a lot to do with their lack of composure. Kassah Kantiok (10.2 ppg, 12.2 rpg) is confident he can control the team from the floor and now would be the time to get The Rock to play with poise.

Bold Prediction:  The Rock stops their 5 game losing streak and beats Relics in the 1st Round. Now, that's really a bold prediction!


Monstars vs. Renegades
Gold Division
1 p.m.


Monstars are due for Player of the Week honors. Will Jared Ojeda or Andrew Martinez get on the Season 42 poster?

Key Player: GM Aaron Mancell (4.0 ppg, 2.0 apg) is going to celebrate his birthMONTH on Saturday and he may need a couple of trash cans to let out a few drinks from the night before. Not one to miss Sunday hoops, Mancell could be a game time decision against Monstars, another team that has been partying on Saturdays this summer.

Things to look for: Several teams have struggled with attendance issues midway through the season. With both teams hopeful of going deep in the Playoffs, many are wondering which team will play with a sense of urgency this weekend? Andrew Martinez (16.4 ppg, 8.1 rpg), the rookie phenom from Monstars and GM Jared Ojeda (13.6 ppg, 3.1 rpg) has had big games this season. It's only a matter of time until those 2 turn in Player of the Week numbers.

Bold Prediction: Renegades won't be in full strength until Playoffs but Kris Dick (29.3 ppg, 14.0 rpg) has been his consistent MVP candidate. 43 points against a 4-man team Hoopers was impressive but league insiders hated on Kris by not giving him Player of the Week honors. Bold Prediction... Kris Dick for 50.




(combined for the double-header, maybe, lol)


Reckless vs. We Tried
Bronze Division
3 p.m.


We Tried, looking for their first win of the season.

Key Player: Noel Serpas (13.3 ppg, 4.0 rpg), Reckless GM. He's been shooting for that Player of the Week and Steven Castanieto (22.2 ppg) has been putting up big numbers. If a Reckless Player is going to be on the cover of Season 41, both players have to shoot for Player of the Week honors.

Things to look for: We Tried doesn't play great defense but their offense is on par with other teams. With 3 players averaging double digits in scoring for We Tried, look for both teams to partake in a good ol' fashion shoot-out. Why try on defense, when you can score more on offense?

Bold Prediction: Reckless once again shows up with 4 players and We Tried wins 1 game this season.



IHOB vs. We Tried
Gold Division
3 p.m.


Rookie IHOB G Josh Booker plays tough but is well respected by his opponents.

Key Player: Arvin Delapaz is on vacation and many are wondering who will step up in his absence of running the team. Will it be young phenom, Adrian Lecesne (15 ppg)? Josh Booker is a great player on the court and his interactions with his opponents hasn't been overlooked by league analysts who believe he could be a great GM for a team one day.

Things to look for: We Tried is playing a back-to-back double-header to end their season and they didn't like the way they got ran in their first match-up against IHOB. Normally a recreation team that plays to have fun and spend time with the guys, look for We Tried to try and play to their potential in trying to beat rookie team, IHOB.

Bold Prediction: We Tried sweeps the double-header.



Ball Broz vs. Hoopers
Gold Division
4 p.m.


The look you give when a player from Hoopers is trying to get traded to Renegades. (No names mentioned)
Pictured: Derrick Tamanaha, Ball Broz.

Key Player: Uzoma Kalu, Hoopers. The team is 2-5 and Hoopers has been hit with injury late in the season. With several IHOB players looking for a chance to prove themselves, some may be moved up to play in Gold to help fix this injury bug.

Things to look for: It's a rematch of the highest scoring game all season. Look for Ball Broz to pad their stats.

Bold Prediction: Ball Broz win.


Renegades vs. Prodigy Plug
Bronze Division
5 p.m.


Againt All Odds describes Renegades' tough double-header weekend on Week 8. Kris Dick for MVP?

Key Player: Isaiah Watson, Prodigy's best player is averaging 25.7 ppg, 8.7 rpg. Prodigy has won 2 straight and carrying a lot of momentum heading into the Playoffs. Although Isaiah seems to be getting a lot of credit in this 2 game winning streak, the team has stepped up, all they were missing was that go-to player they can get the ball to when scoring runs a little dry. This is a team game and guys like Poobey (12.5 ppg), Steven (14.7 ppg) and Garrison Shey (18.0 ppg) have been contributing all season.

Things to look for: Do this for the old guys, Kris Dick. Do this for the old 30&Over Division. Do this for your former teammates, Relics, the teams that have laid the Foundation you, and the guys who have Hangovers from Saturday night. Kris is averaging 29.3 ppg and at 38 years old, he's been an inspiration to a lot of the old heads fighting Father Time in Superstar. We know Playoffs is all about team basketball, winning games by playing in a system and playing defense, blah blah blah. lol.

For just one weekend, Kris Dick, go #mambamentality and put up a 50 piece on each team because let's face it, GM Aaron Mancell will be too hung over from his birthday celebration on Saturday to even care that you're on full Mamba mode. Get that MVP and drop 50 on both teams. Sweep this double-header and the MVP is yours, Kris. Show this young Prodigy team that a 38 year old can still score in a game built for young basketball players. You're not playing for yourself, you're playing for your old rivals who are living vivaciously through you now. Make Jeremey Shumaker proud! LOL

Bold Prediction: Renegades beat Prodigy Plug. LOL. Prodigy is coming off their biggest win, giving Relics their first loss of the season. Renegades is playing a double-header. The chances of Renegades beating Prodigy is the same chances as Aaron Mancell not taking a shot of Henny for his Birth Month celebration on Saturday night. If Renegades sweep this weekend, Kris Dick is automatically M-V-P. No ifs, ands or buts.


Chicle vs. Foundation
Bronze Division
6 p.m.


Everyone stepped up for Foundation last week including Rommel Del Rosario who had his first triple double.

Key Player: Without Mark Mercado in the line-up last week, Foundation players filled up the stats sheet against last place team, We Tried. Rommel Del Rosario (8.0 ppg, 8.0 rpg) put up a triple double for the first time and Mike Arceo was named Player of the Week for grabbing 27 rebounds. Foundation played well without arguably their best player and that type of confidence should carry over against the division's best team, Chicle.

Things to look for: Chicle has the chance to finish this season with an undefeated record. Their uptempo offense discouraged Foundation in their first match-up and Foundation is trying to slow things down in their second go around. Look for Jay Tapang (17.6 ppg), CJ Pang (5.8 apg, 13.2 ppg) and Mike Trout (19.0 ppg) to push the tempo again.

Bold Prediction: Foundation beats Chicle and grabs the #1 seed.


East LA Dream Team vs. Relics
Gold Division
7 p.m.


East LA Dream Team, Reigning 2x Champions

Key Player: Cisco Acevedo, the league's first 100 point scorer, isn't past his prime and is still playing his best basketball after 3 years removed from playing in the league. Averaging 24.9 ppg and knocking down a league-high, 52 three-pointers, Cisco and former teammate, Kris Dick, are front runners for MVP honors this season.

Things to look for: The team has had several players in and out of the line-up including Center Ant Lefeau (17 ppg), last season's Finals MVP, Ever Garcia (11.6 ppg, 3.0 apg), and defensive stopper Alan Rosas (2.3 apg). If they're going to beat Relics on the final game of the season, they need to be at full force. Simply turning on the light switch in the Playoffs won't work, not against an 18x Champion, Relics. East LA Dream Team needs this game, so look for the Reigning 2x Champions to play their best in the last game of the season.

Bold Prediction: Relics see their first losing streak of the season and East LA Dream Team has the #1 seed in the Playoffs.