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Monstars vs. The Rock
Gold Division
1 p.m.


Andrew Martinez scored 21 points to lead Monstars.

Monstars jumped to a 14-4 start and never looked back as Monstars defeat The Rock, 63-48.

After losing to East LA Dream Team on Week 6, Baldwin Park team, Monstars, got back on the winning track as rookie Andrew Martinez filled up the stats sheet with 21 points, 10 rebounds, 6 assists. Martinez finished with 4 three-pointers and was 41.2% from the field. GM Jared Ojeda added 13 while Johnny Cabrera finished with 12 points. The birthday partying got the best of Johnny as he struggled from the field going 1-for-6 from 3-point range (16.7%). Monstars continue to play without their key bigs, Ralph Morelos and Gus Vasquez.

The Rock has struggled as of late as Mike Ashanti continues to be MIA from the roster. Ed Principe led the former 2x Champs with 16 points and he finished with a team-high, 4 three-pointers on 50% shooting. Glenn Payne was the second leading scorer with 12 while D'Angelo McDaniel finished with 10 points, 4 rebounds, 2 steals. The Rock played with plenty of emotion and the lack of composure led to a technical foul as The Rock trailed 29-14 at the half. Furthermore, Kassah went down from a "Lex Luger forearm" as Xavier Morelos inadvertently gave Kassah an elbow that would have him sit out for a period of time.


Foundation vs. We Tried
Bronze Division
2 p.m.


Rommel Del Rosario went triple dipping with 10 points, 17 rebounds, 10 assists

We Tried didn't try hard enough on the boards as Foundation dominated the glass, 65... (re-write, re-write, re-write...)

Despite shooting 15 more shot attempts from the field, We Tried was out-scored by Foundation, 96-63, as We Tried continue their rookie season with a perfect record. =)

Nevermind that the perfect record comes from the wrong side of the win-loss column, but We Tried shot 57 times from 3-point range, converting just 11 3-point attempts. Foundation's bigs made it difficult for We Tried to score in the paint and the strategy was what it should have been - shoot from 3-point range and take advantage of Foundation's weak perimeter defense.

GM Anthony Meltcher had his worst shooting performance of the season finishing with just 6 points and 20 rebounds. Carlos Nava added 8 points while Art Nava and Cody Rote both finished with 16 points apiece. We Tried was out-running their opponents on offense but Foundation's cherry picking game has been perfected for years and years and years.

Jonathan Wynn scored a season-high, 30 points and he filled up the stats sheet with 9 rebounds, 6 assists. Rommel Del Rosario had a triple double with 10 points, 17 rebounds, 10 assists while Mike Arceo grabbed a league-high, 27 rebounds en route to 16 points, 4 assists. Adrian Eddington was the leading scorer with 31 points and he finished with 8 rebounds, 4 assists. Player of the Week hasn't been announced but league sources say it comes down to these Foundation 4.


Renegades vs. Hoopers
Gold Division
3 p.m.


Kris Dick erased a 2 game losing streak with 43 points for Renegades.

Hoopers played the majority of the game with just 4 players as Renegades sweep the season series, 90-76.

This match-up was supposed to Larry Parker's revenge on Renegades. The Rivalry Game was scheduled for Larry to get even with GM Aaron Mancell, a player who continually criticized Larry for his composure against officials. Instead, Hoopers played with just 4 players as Uzoma Kalu and Ryan Cort led Hoopers with 31 apiece. Larry finished with 14 points on 26.7% shooting while Mike Arceo led Hoopers with 11 boards. Arvin Delapaz was a late participant and GM Gary Beiard won't be available for the rest of the Regular Season.

We missed out on the Larry Parker show and it was Kris Dick who went balls out in the 1st half, scoring 32 of his 43 points in the 1st half. Kris led all scorers with 43 points and he added 19 rebounds, 8 assists and 2 steals to lead Renegades. Mike Ratliff was back in the line-up with 27 points, 3 assists while Sergio Costanello rounded off the top 3 scorers with 7 of his own.


Reckless vs. IHOB
Gold Division
4 p.m.


Adrian Lecesne led IHOB with 28 points on nearly 60% shooting.

Playing with just 4 players against rookie team, IHOB, Reckless was blown out, 106-77.

Five players scored in double-digits for IHOB as Adrian Lecesne led the team with 28 points on 59.1% shooting. Adrian finished with 8 assists as the team combined for 32 dimes against last season's Consolation Bracket Champions. Josh Booker finished with 10 points while Myles Barnett added 19 points. Arvin Delapaz filled up the stats sheet with 23 points, 14 rebounds, 9 assists.

IHOB was playing for Player of the Week honors and for the record, the criteria is listed below:

- Team must win.
- If it's a double-header, team must win both games.

Steven Castanieto finished with a game-high, 39 points and he added 5 assists, and 8 rebounds with 5 three-pointers on 50% shooting. GM Noel Serpas scored 29 points, 10 rebounds, 6 assists while Allan Abrillo added 7 points, 8 rebounds, 2 assists. With an automatic Playoff berth, Reckless are resting up for the Playoffs and several players from Reckless were discouraged with the rest of the team's no show.



Prodigy Plug vs. Relics
Gold Division
5 p.m.


Isaiah Watson led Prodigy with another 30 piece. Relics lost for the first time this season.

18x Champions, Relics, suffered their only loss of the season but it comes with an asterisk as Week 7 had three games play without 2 officials. Prodigy shot lights out from the perimeter dropping Relics' record to 6-1 with a 97-83 victory.

A league official left prior to the start but assigned a different official to sub in by 430. An hour later with the Relics and Prodigy already in action, only 1 official was suited as Kassah Kantiok (league official) opted to be a spectator instead of working the game.

"I play for The Rock, that would be a conflict of interest in my part if I officiated," said Kantiok. "We had another ref on the way but he no showed. Relics were already down by double digits and if I was the second official to come in, I would have been the scapegoat."

Put away the league official issue aside and it was clear that Prodigy, the team of the Future, showed why they're capable of being the Team of the Present. The team shot lights out as Isaiah Watson led Prodigy with 30 points, 7 rebounds. Garrison Shay added 16 points on 67% shooting while Poobey Westbrook added 10 points. Steven hit timely buckets when Relics made a run and he finished with 19 points, 4 rebounds. Prodigy led 24-14 at the end of 1st and never looked back after leading by as many as 16. Despite the win, GM Paul Magaway had his team eating humble pie after the game.

"We know they're missing a couple of guys, we gotta stay humble," said Magaway, post-game.

Relics struggled from the field defensively but on offense, Relics were hitting their shots. Cisco Acevedo caught fire in the 1st half as he went Kobe 2006 on Prodigy knocking down 3s from all corners of the floor. Acevedo had spectators in awe after hitting 4 straight 3s to narrow the Prodigy deficit. Acevedo finished with 35 points, 10 three-pointers and was 58.8% from beyond the arch. James Acevedo led the team with 8 assists while Andrew Knox led Relics with 8 rebounds, 17 points. Knox had arguably the play of the game with a tip-dunk that should be featured in this week's Top plays of the week. Despite the loss, Relics know they're still the team to beat and they haven't been beaten with Terrence Martin in the line-up.

"They're a different team with Terrence in the line-up," observed a stats-keeper. "You can't get too happy until you beat Relics with T-Bone, in the Playoffs."


Chicle vs. IHOB
Bronze Division
6 p.m.


Mike Trout with another MVP like performance, scoring 21 points to lead Chicle past IHOB.

This was supposed to be the momentum builder for rookie team, IHOB.

This could be a preview of the Bronze Division Finals and IHOB was supposed to give Chicle their first loss of the season.

This was supposed to be the W that gave IHOB that window of opportunity, to know that they could take down the almighty Chicle team, a team that doesn't look like they belong on the same floor as IHOB.

Once again, Chicle shut down that window of opportunity as Chicle defeat IHOB, 69-46.

Jay Tapang finished with 18 points on 50% shooting while 3 players scored 8 points apiece (Louie Venegas, Danny Villalobes, Matt Gutierrez). CJ Pang filled up the stats sheet with 4 assists, 7 rebounds but it was Mike Trout who had an MVP like performance, finishing with 20 points, 3 three-pointers. Mike had a lot of doubters early in the contest but even IHOB fans were impressed with Mike's shooting.

"Those fans that came out for IHOB kept saying he had no game, and if he made another one, they would walk out. He kept making them and by the end of the game, they were impressed with Mike," said a league official.

Myles Barnet finished with 15 points, 5 rebounds while Arvin Delapaz added 12 points, 7 boards. Josh Booker finished with 6 while Adrian Lecesne struggled with 4 points on 22.2% shooting. It could be the double-header but IHOB has struggled against Chicle in both games this season. The #1 seed is secured by Chicle with the win and a 1st Round bye will almost give Chicle and IHOB this same scenario should they meet in the Playoffs.



Ball Broz vs. East LA Dream Team
Gold Division
7 p.m.


Kahlil Dukes made his season debut with a team-high, 23 points.

Ball Broz once again defeat East LA Dream Team in the Regular Season as Ball Broz defeat the Reigning 2x Champions, 79-71.

"They wanted this more than we did," said Andrew Martinez post-game. "They needed this more than we do just so they know they can beat us. In the Playoffs, if we meet them, we know what the consequences are if we lose to them..."

It was a huge momentum win for Ball Broz as Kahlil Dukes led Ball Broz with 23 points, 9 rebounds on 64.3% shooting. Derrick Tamanaha finished with 12 points while Yader Combs added 13 points. Yader led the team with 9 assists as Mike Peters struggled from the field finishing with just 8 points.

Andrew Martinez was on fire with 27 points and he filled up the stats sheet with 9 rebounds, 2 assists and a photoshoot in the game as Martinez connected for an and-1 and an impromptu photoshoot. Reyes Cervantes added 12 points while Armando Aranda finished with 18 points. Ever Garcia returned to the line-up finishing with 4 assists, 8 rebounds, and 9 points. The loss shouldn't carry weight for Dream Team as the Champs played without Center Ant Lefeau and key defender, Alan Rosas.

"A lot of teams are waiting for Playoffs, with every team making it, there's no sense of urgency," said a league analyst. "Once we get more teams in next season, it should be more competitive if teams know they're playing for a Playoff spot."