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Bullets vs. We Tried
Bronze Division
1 p.m.


Bullets and We Tried compete for the second time this season.

Bullets won the previous match-up on Week 4, 87-50. With several players from Bullets not expected to make the match-up, can We Tried capitalize on Bullets' players absence?

Marcus Eggum led all players with 27 points while PG Wilson Parrales finished with 8 assists. Eric Valentine led Bullets with 13 rebounds in his season debut and their performance had several peers complaining about Bullets being too good. (no names mentioned).

The following week, Bullets lost to the Defending Champions, Chicle, and the other team that was being complained about (previously undefeated team, Fire Squad), suffered their first loss of the season. The team complaining about other teams being too good, hasn't complained since.

Can We Tried, a team that is 0-6, make this game competitive?


Foundation vs. IHOB
Bronze Division
2:00 p.m.


After making it to the Finals last season, IHOB is in danger of not making it to the Playoffs this season.

Foundation takes on last season's Finalist, IHOB, for the first time since losing to them in the 1st Round of the Playoffs. Foundation, favored to make it to the Finals against Chicle last season, is out for revenge.

IHOB is young, scores at will but is struggling to make it o the Playoffs with a 2-4 record. After 2 straight losses, Foundation could avenge last season's defeat by knocking IHOB out of contention. Adrian Lecesne, last season's Rookie of the Season, has struggled in his second season mainly because of players being in and out of the line-up.

Foundation is tied with IHOB for 5th place with a 2-4 record and must control the tempo against the younger, faster team. Hit with injuries late in the season, Foundation is in danger of missing the Playoffs for the first time.


Entourage vs. Try Hards
Gold Division
3:00 p.m.


Could Ryan Carter go for 50 points against Entourage?

Losing 3 straight, Entourage is in danger of missing the Playoffs as they sit at 9th place with a 2-4 record. On the flip side, Try Hards, a rookie team that has won 2 straight, has made a recent surge for the Playoffs after bouncing back from a 1-3 start.

Entourage is struggling due to the lack of bodies on the bench and fatigue seems to be a factor as Entourage struggles to compete in the 2nd half. Ryan Miller and Joey Cejudo are 2-way players that have shined on both ends of the floor in recent weeks and they have a tough front line match-up against Try Hard's Manny Morales and GM Rudy Hernandez.

The knock on the rookie team, Try Hards, is they didn't have a superstar player to close out games with. They defeated Renegades without their best iso player, Ryan Carter and last week, gave the defending Champions, Relics, their second loss of the season after Ryan Carter went off for 49 points. Carter was disappointed with just 49 and against Entourage, the rookie phenom could go for another career-high.


Renegades vs. Killmonger
Gold Division
4:00 p.m.


Sean Harris gets a lot of credit for Killmonger's undefeated record...but Johnny Blaze has been there for all of Killmonger's games. Hmm....

Their previous match-up had all the hype leading up to it but in this re-match, Renegades have to do their talking on the court.

Renegades are 2-4 and is number 7 in the standings. GM Aaron Mancell requested for 2 games this week after word got out that his teammates won't be available next weekend. That predicament changed on Saturday and the request to not play 2 games was sent in but vetoed and now, Renegades is playing 2 games - one at 4 pm and another at 8 pm. Should Renegades beat Killmonger and give them their first loss of the season, Renegades could have a tie-breaker should several teams finish with the same record.

While Renegades is treating this as a must-win, Killmonger is taking the Sunday off. Jokes aside, Killmonger has developed a killer instinct, even without their MVP, Sean Harris, as Killmonger won both games last weekend without their MVP. Shad Earby has been a stud on both ends of the floor while Johnny Blaze is a favorite to make the All Star team.


The Rock vs. Sick Pick Ups
Gold Division
5:00 p.m.


All Star Dell Well and Chad Dennis have been unstoppable this season for rookie team, Sick Pick Ups.

Sick Pick Ups, a rookie team that is 4-1 and ranked #2, return to Superstar Basketball after a long bye weekend. How will they fare against The Rock, winners of 2 straight, and against the defending Champions, Relics?


Chicle vs. Hoopers
Bronze Division
6:00 p.m.


Chad Dennis was the second player from Sick Pick Ups to be named Player of the Week.

Hoopers, the hottest team in Bronze Division, have won 3 straight and the team has improved their record to 4-2. Shadon Knight, former ref, has been the catalyst for the team's improved record and if Hoopers defeat Chicle, they could potentially grab the #1 spot in Bronze Division.

To beat Chicle is going to take more than just Shadon Knight as the team has a reputation of playing like a Championship team. Last week, Mike Trout earned Player of the Week honors and MVP favorite, CJ "Nitro" Pang, has filled up the box score this season. The team has several players capable of going off on offense and Hoopers are in trouble if they try to run with Chicle.


Relics vs. Sick Pick Ups
Gold Division
7:00 p.m.




Sick Pick Ups' double-header should give 19x Champions, Relics an even match-up against the much younger, faster Sick Pick Ups team.

Will Superstar Basketball legend, Cisco Acevedo, finally get that match-up against SIck Pick Ups' Mike Peters?

The former MVP was on record calling out Cisco and the previously 18x Champions, Relics, came out of retirement just to prove to these young guys that Relics aren't extinct. Mike Peters, in his MVP campaign, didn't know who Cisco was and called out the first 100 point scorer to come back.

"Cisco, Frisco, bellisco...bring everybody..."

The following season, Relics was motivated to remind Mike Peters who Cisco Acevedo was but Mike Peters ducked the match-up as Ball Broz played without their MVP.

Earlier this season (Week 1), Mike Peters and Cisco Acevedo finally exchanged greetings...but will Mike finally suit up against the player he called out?


Monstars vs. Renegades
Gold Division
8:00 p.m.


Monstars could eliminate Renegades from making the Playoffs, a season after they knocked them out of the Playoffs.

The trash talk was rampant after Monstars upset Renegades in the 1st Round of the Playoffs. GM Jared Ojeda backed up the talk and this week, Jared will finally get a Rivalry Week match-up against Renegades GM, Aaron Mancell.

Jared doesn't have to try too hard as Mancell could be out of the line-up after tweaking his back earlier in the week. Monstars and Renegades are both 2-4 and a Monstars win could eliminate Renegades from making the Playoffs.

Monstars have also been reeling with a 2 game losing streak and the team from Baldwin Park is 2-4. It's a must-win for both teams as Monstars take on Renegades for the first time since eliminating them from last season's Playoffs.


East LA Dream Team vs. Prodigy Plug
Gold Division
9:00 p.m.


Prodigy Plug should be flying high against former Champions, East LA Dream Team.

Prodigy Plug is 3-3 and is in the middle of the standings, ranked #5 after losing last weekend. They tak on East LA Dream Team, a team that has lost 5 straight.

Prodigy Plug is all business and GM Paul Magaway wasted no time cutting players that don't fit their system. Prodigy has a reputation of turning it on in the Playoffs and this team is better than their 3-3 record. They were eliminated from the Semis last season (against Relics) and the team could have picked up a key player in Derrick Tamanaha after he was a free agent from Ball Broz in the off-season.

Instead of joining Prodigy Plug, Derrick joined East LA Dream Team, winners of 2 of the last 3 Championships in Superstar Basketball. Problem is, East LA Dream Team had several players in and out of the line-up and the inconsistency has the former Champions sitting at last place with a 1-5 record.