2018 WINTER  |  SEASON 40

By: League Analyst
Contributing Writer


Chicle vs. Reckless


Worthy of Player of the Week honors, Noel Serpas led Reckless with 24 points, 6 three-pointers.




Or was it?


On Week 5, Reckless faced Undisputed Era, a team that started with just 4 players. Taking the competition for granted, the former Champions had a lackluster start and the team wasn't able to make it competitive when a 5th player showed up against them. 


Did they learn their lesson? Did Reckless learn anything over the break? This time around, they grabbed the lead, leading by as many as 14 as they ended the 1st quarter with a 26-16 lead. It was a dramatic finish where Reckless nearly gave up a 9 point lead (2 minutes left). Despite making it more difficult for themselves, Reckless would prove that they learned their lesson in a thrilling 72-70 win over Chicle.


Chicle's 5th player didn't show up until the last 5 minutes of the contest and AJ Delano made an impact with the last 3-pointer Chicle connected with. Delano (5 points) scored the go-ahead bucket leaving Reckless 3 seconds to make one last shot.


Brian Serpas, named Player of the Week for his all-around stats, knocked down a 3-pointer at the top of the key as Reckless improved their 2-4 record with a 72-70 victory. Serpas grabbed the rebound on a missed free throw to secure the possession for Reckless in the previous play. Brian finished with 23 points, 13 rebounds, 7 three-pointers while GM Noel Serpas led the team with 24 points, and 6 three-pointers. Carlos Martinez had the team's first 6 points and he finished with 9 points, 3 three's. Luis Montes added 11 points while James Santillan finished with 4 rebounds, most of them in successive plays while shooting late game free throws.

CJ Pang led Chicle with 31 points, 11 rebounds and was 52.2% from the field. Damien Reyes finished with 18 points, 5 rebounds while Louie Venegas scored 13 points, 7 rebounds, 3 steals. Despite the loss, Chicle shouldn't be too upset with the result knowing they still could have won. The bigger question remains, will Chicle jockey for Playoff positioning? They are rookies on paper but they're veterans of the game...  




Killmonger  vs. Undisputed Era


Frankie Eturti finished with 14 rebounds and 4 blocked shots to lead Killmonger.

Undisputed Era made huge strides with 2 straight wins in their double-header on Week 5. This week, Undisputed Era  played with just 4 players as Killmonger ran them out of the building, 106-68.

Wrestlemania weekend took out 2 of the team's biggest fanboys as GM Erick Maldonado and Jonathan Spaniol both sat out to watch WWE. Herman Pech finished with a double-double grabbing 15 rebounds and finishing with a game-high, 26 points. Carlos Garcia added 16 while Jason Rico finished with 22 points, 7 rebounds. Ben Pena grabbed 11 rebounds and he finished with 4 steals, 4 points.

With an easy match-up on the schedule, Uzoma Kalu made sure to increase his season average and he finished with 22 points, 12 assists and 6 rebounds. An official jokingly called out Uzoma for stat-padding and although Uzoma could not be reached for comment, NBA's Russell Westbrook answered it best, "You would do it too if you could."

"We all did it, Kassah the ref did it, Shadon did it, how do you think I have 4 scoring titles, you know damn well I did it," said the Commissioner. "First season when the stats keeper was hooping, he had a game where they kept feeding him to shoot 3's and he had 8 that game, so yeah, WE all did it."

Frankie Eturti finished with 14 points, 14 rebounds and 4 blocks as former MVP, Gary Beaird, made his return with 25 points, 4 rebounds and 2 steals. GM Steven Ancheta added 15 points, all three-pointers while Brandon Chavers added 17 points, 6 assists. The team combined for 26 assists and 16 three-pointers en route to a season-high, 106 points.


Elements vs. Killmonger


How do you recover from a 0-6 performance in the 3-point line in your first game? By going 11-for15 in your second.

Elements were building momentum towards the break but all that went to a screeching halt as Killmonger made sure they swept their double-header. Ending their 2 game losing streak on Week 6, Killmonger improved their record to 4-2 as Killmonger defeat Elements, 104-60.

Ryan Drew finished with 26 points to lead Elements and he finished with 14 rebounds, 4 three-pointers. Kirk MacLeung logged a near double-doulbe with 12 rebounds, 8 points and he led the team with 5 assists. Noel Abellera added 7 points while GM James Bernardo finished as the second leading scorer with 14 points. The team struggled on the boards, 56-41, with Killmonger having a clear height advantage over Elements.

Uzoma Kalu continued his onslaught on the stat sheet and he finished with 41 points, 9 rebounds and 2 assists. Uzoma recovered from a woeful 3-point performance shooting 11-of-15 (73.3%) in the second game of this double-header. Gary Beaird finished with 23 points, 10 rebounds while Brandon Chavers added 16 points, 6 rebounds, 7 assists.




East LA Dream Team vs. Ball Broz


Alan Rosas scored the last 5 points for East LA Dream Team in OT.

It was arguably the most competitive game of the season as Reigning Champions, East LA Dream Team, took on Ball Broz, a team playing with a chip on its shoulder. MVP front-runner, Mike Peters, took matters in his own hands, hitting a game winner in OT as Ball Broz defeat East LA Dream Team, 71-68.

Highlights were rare in the first half as both teams faced lengthy defenders and the game turned into a free throw shooting contest. Both teams combined for nearly 40 free throw attempts as Ball Broz converted 13-of-19 (68.4%) free throw attempts. On the flip side, East LA Dream Team converted just 7-of-20.

Steve Carpenter finished with a team-high, 24 points and he added 4 three-pointers, 8 rebounds and 4 steals. Robert Morgan added 12 points, 7 rebounds, 3 steals while Lawrence Quinones added 8 points.

Alan Rosas finished with 20 points, 6 rebounds while Andrew Martinez added 18 points, 9 rebounds, 5 assists. Phil Sanchez scored 10 points, 11 rebounds while Frankie Morales added 9 points, 5 rebounds.



In a game that was highly contested and had a very intense Playoff atmosphere, I was disappointed that some players couldn't contain their emotions (NO NAMES MENTIONED).

When it comes down to it, this Week 6 game is just that - a game. There were no Championships to be won, there was no salary to be given, there is nothing at stake. Just a Week 6 game with 2 of the best teams in Superstar Basketball playing a game.

When players make threats to opposing teams, that's when I take matters seriously. With the Athletic Director of Workman High School watching every move, the last thing we need is to get kicked out of a gym for fighting and it's happened twice already (Walnut Rec, Ontario Rec). So what am I really disappointed at...?

Player walks towards bench after getting tossed out.

Player: I'll see you outside... I'll see you outside.

Commissioner: If you're trying to fight right now, we can call the cops.

Player: Do what you gotta do.

Commissioner: Alright, if you want me to call I'll do it... I don't want to get kicked out of the gym. The guy running it is here.

Player: That's not my problem.

Well, guess what. It is my problem and if you're going to be a problem, then there's no need for you to play here. 

It was my problem in the past when we got kicked out of Walnut Rec and we spent weeks looking for gyms in the middle of the season. It was my problem when we got kicked out of Ontario and we couldn't find a gym for weeks until we finally found Monrovia. It's my problem because essentially, you're taking away my time, and my money. You're taking away time from the teams who pay for the league and you're taking away from your teammates who are focused on winning another title.

To put it into perspective, here's a scenario. What if you were a barber... and let's say the owner of the barbershop lost its barbershop because a customer wanted to fight. Who suffers from that? Not only does the community lose out a barbershop but the barbers lose money, the owner loses money. If a customer wanted to fight in that barbershop and you know the consequences of losing the barbershop, why would you want that customer to come back? Looks like that's a problem, is it? (NO NAMES MENTIONED)

I'm sure there's a lot of other basketball leagues you can play at, so it's not really your problem now. There are a lot of awesome leagues in the area priced at the same price point... but none of the other leagues take the time that I do to make sure we have the best interactive league in all of Southern California. No other league produces features that I do - features only found here from previews, stats, recaps, pictures, Top 5 highlights, and video recaps.

I'm working towards a better experience in Superstar Basketball and I'm also working towards a bigger goal in mind. I will not tolerate anyone that is setting me from reaching my own goals and will not allow players to act in a way where it's taking away from my time (this took me 30 minutes to write) and my money. It's nothing personal, it's just business, no hard feelings, but you aren't my problem now because you're out of our league.