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Reckless vs. We Tried
Bronze Division
2 p.m.


We Tried showed up with just 5 players as fatigued played a factor in their game against Reckless.

With the game tied at 16 apiece (7:01) in the 1st quarter, Reckless used a 8 point run to build a cushion against rookie team, We Tried. Looking for their first win of the season, last season's Consolation Bracket Champions handed We Tried their 4th loss of the season with a 49-46 win.

Carlos Nava led We Tried with 20 points while Cody Rote added 12 points. Than Ho finished with 8 while GM Anthony Meltcher finished with 6 points. The team showed up with just 5 players as We Tried appeared to have gone on 4th of July break a week early. We Tried trimmed the deficit to 2 on numerous occasions throughout the contest but never got over the hump as fatigue and Reckless' size seemed too much for We Tried to overcome.

Several players from Reckless scored 9 apiece as Reckless benefited from a balance scoring attack with all players scoring at least 2 points. GM Noel Serpas finished with 9 while Brian Serpas pitched in with 9 points. Steven Castanieto added 9 while James Bernardo led Elements, err Reckless with 10 points. The team struggled from 3-point range hitting just 19.2% of their shots and were lucky to walk away with the victory. Considering their opponents played with just 5 players and the team missed 21 three-point attempts, Reckless were lucky to walk away with their first win of the season. The team has been hit with injuries and Finals MVP, Luis Montes is in and out of the line-up.

 "What do you think the cause was for your guys' slow start?" asked a Superstar Basketball League Analyst.

"We needed him," said GM Noel Serpas as he pointed towards the direction of Luis Montes.


nWo vs. Reckless
Bronze Division
3 p.m.


Reckless took advantage of nWo, a team that played with 4-on-5 against the Reigning Champs.

Despite playing 4-on-5, nWo showed grit and potential losing to last season's Consolation Bracket Champions, Reckless, 66-61.

nWo played without several key players and the team's offensive strategy drastically changed as nWo focused on scoring in the paint. Missing were the 3-point shooters who bombarded the stat sheet with shot attempts from beyond 3-point territory. The team combined to shoot just 18 times from long distance as KB and Imani Akil who led nWo with 20 and 21 points respectively. CJ Collins logged a near double double with 17 points, 9 rebounds as the team out-rebounded their opponents, 29-18.

Trailing 61-53, nWo narrowed the deficit, 61-59 with 1:30 left in the clock in the 4th quarter but Reckless' free throw shooting would prevail as the team shot 9-for-13 (69.2%) from the charity stripe. An ill-advised foul with 10 seconds left cut the deficit by 3 but a key rebound by Brian Serpas put the game away for good for Reckless.

GM Noel Serpas finished with 17 points, 5 rebounds while Steven Castanieto added 16 points. Brian Serpas finished with 11 while Allan Abrillo abused his match-up with 12 points, 2 steals. Reckless played a back-to-back double-header and in a match-up that could have gone either way, the team's success from the charity stripe proved to be the difference. Improving to a 2-3 record after a 2-0 sweep, GM Serpas was excited for holiday weekend.

 "BBQ and family time, that's all we do," added Noel Serpas, post-game.


Foundation vs. IHOB
Bronze Division
4 p.m.


The IHOB rookie isn't out here trying to make friends. Josh Booker's trash talk got the best of Foundation on Week 5.

Rookie team, IHOB, used a 19-12 first quarter run but Foundation would counter by scoring in the paint for much of the 2nd quarter. Tied at 44 apiece in the 3rd quarter (3:45), IHOB raw away with the W using a 13-0 run (2:01) to end the 3rd quarter and never looked back as Foundation lose to IHOB, 70-61.

Zac Nece dominated the paint for IHOB scoring 29 points and shooting 54.2% from the field. Adrian Lecesne finished with 18 while GM Arvin Delapaz added 11 points, 4 steals. IHOB's youth proved to be too much in the 3rd as Foundation predictably ran out of gas against IHOB's young legs. The eagerness to prove themselves in the league irked several players from Foundation as the trash talk seemed to get the best of Foundation.

"We the old guys now, we gotta remember, when we were their age, we were talking a lot of sh*t too," said a Foundation player in the huddle.

Rommel Del Rosario is looking more comfortable on the floor and he finished with 15 points on 50% shooting. Adrian Eddington scored 11 points while Mark Mercado added 17. GM Jonathan Wynn scored 13 points and was unfazed with the trash talk between IHOB and Foundation.

"We'll get them the next game, gotta have the scoreboard do our talking."


Ball Broz vs. Hoopers
Gold Division
5 p.m.


Reigning MVP, Mike Peters, returned with 51 points as Ball Broz fall to Hoopers.

It was an old fashioned shoot out as both Hoopers and Ball Broz filled up the stats-sheet. Reigning MVP Mike Peters returned to action but his measly 51 points wasn't enough as Hoopers win for the second straight time with a 118-113 victory.

The Top 5 Plays of the Week should be interesting this week as Week 5 featured 8 different buzzer beaters. Mike Peters' 51 points was worthy of Play of the Week cameos as Mike Peters put on a line of 13-of-17 three-point attempts, good for 76.5% shooting.

"I want that re-match," said Peters on Instagram Story. "Ball Broz vs. Relics."

Superstar Basketball Fans and Relics #1 supporters had a clap-back for Mike Peters referencing his no-show when Ball Broz took on Relics.

"How is he gonna call Relics out, when he didn't even show up last game," said a Relics fan.

Derrick Tamanaha finished with 21 points while Steve Carpenter added 22 points on 50% shooting. GM Gabe Rodriguez added 8 while Dan finished with 9 points. Rumored to have joined Hoopers in the off-season, Mike Peters showed a glimpse of what Hoopers are missing without him.

Uzoma Kalu looked to score at every opportunity as Uzoma finished with 36 points on 78.9% shooting. Scoring mostly on drives and in the paint, Uzoma capitalized on Ball Broz's lack of size in the paint. Ryan Cort made his season debut with 25 points while GM Gary Beiard added 13. Arvin Delapaz wasn't saving anything for his Bronze Division game and he scored 30 points as the second leading scorer.


Chicle vs. IHOB
Bronze Division
6 p.m.


Chris Duran aka Uncle Chris - Chicle GM and bus driver... cuz he was taking kids to school.

Undefeated #1 team, Chicle proved too much for the undefeated rookies as Chicle hands IHOB their first L of the season, 73-66.

With the scoreboard showing a 19-15 lead in favor of Chicle, Chicle used a 9-4 run to start the 2nd quarter and IHOB would struggle for much of the 2nd quarter. The rookie team would trail the rest of the way as Chicle used a 22-12 run to put away the game for good.

"We were pretty tired, these double headers affected us but we'll be ready next time," admitted IHOB GM, Arvin De La Paz.

Zach Nece finished with 22 points to lead IHOB while Josh Booker scored a dozen points. GM Arvin De La Paz added 7 while Adrian Lecesne finished with 11 points on 40% shooting. The team struggled from the field shooting 40% while allowing the #1 Bronze team to shoot 51% from the field. Before the game started, several IHOB players were confident that they'll beat Chicle, but league analysts warned the rookie team.

"This IS Chicle?" asked an IHOB player.

"Yeah, they're fast, and they play as a team. It's hard to stop 1 person when all of them are working together," warned a league analyst.

"Maybe it's cuz we're short, or they think we look old, but we don't look the part," said Chicle GM, Chris Duran via text message.

You can add another element to Chicle's game as Chicle continues to impress league analysts every given Sunday. Known for their passing and waiting for the high percentage shot, Chicle played with poise and didn't respond to IHOB's physicality. When players tried to get under their skin with trash talk, Chicle responded with buckets as Chicle improved their record to 5-0.

Playing with just 5 players, Damien Reyes had a field day scoring 23 points on 46.2% shooting. GM Chris Duran added 8 while CJ "Nitro" Pang finished with 18 points on 60% shooting. Jay Tapang led the team with 4 three-pointers and he finished with 20 points. The undefeated start has Chicle oozing with confidence and GM Chris Duran was hoping for a Bronze vs Gold Division match-up.

"Is it possible to play against the Relics?" asked Duran.


Renegades vs. Relics
Gold Division
7 p.m.


Relics is the last team in Gold Division with a perfect record.

This was the Battle of 2 Undefeated Gold Teams as Renegades, calling out the Relics on Week 4, was full of enthusiasm against the 18x Champions, Relics. Renegades have flourished as an underdog team but with the spotlight on Renegades, how would they perform?

They thrived behind Kris Dick and the emergence of Mighty Mike Ratliff on Week 4 gave Relics something to look forward to. Their former teammate, Kris Ick, called Relics out and Terrence Martin responded as he continually gave it to Kris Ick.

The former teammates scored on each other in successive possessions but Martin would gain the upper hand after figuring out flaw in Kris Ick's game.

"Put him on a milk carton, he's been missing since the 2nd quarter," yelled Martin.

"Call him Kris Ick, he don't have no D," added Martin.

James Acevedo, playing peacemaker, showed sympathy towards Kris.

"Chill on Kris, he's a Relics, he's one of us," said Acevedo as Relics gave it to Renegades in the 2nd half.

Terrence Martin finished with 8 points while Bobby Kovach added 21 points, 3 rebounds, 2 blocks. Cisco Acevedo added 18 while Alphonso White added 8 points.

NOTE: Stats are still under review, because when Terrence Martin scored just 8 points, you know damn well it's going to be reviewed.

Kris Dick finished with 19 points, 5 rebounds while Asher Avinger added 14 points and 20 lbs of lean muscle. "Mighty" Mike Ratliff finished with 12 points while Justian Hamilton scored 5 points. GM Aaron Mancell focused on defense and attributed the team's first loss to the lack of defense.


Relics vs. The Rock
Gold Division
8 p.m.


It took 5 weeks for Relics to finally get a dunk as Andrew Knox dunks it twice against The Rock.

The Rock nearly forfeited against Relics as the former 2x Champions had GM Ben Sin playing all 40 minutes. Mike Ashanti was a late arrival and Kassah Kantiok celebrated 4th of July early and The Rock was a non competitive match-up for Relics, a team that swept their double-header weekend with a 100-55 win.

Relics, 18x Champions and a staple on Superstar Basketball highlight reels, have had few highlights this season until Hall of Famer Andrew Knox turned back the time. Drew had 2 dunks on The Rock and he finished with 15 points and 3 steals. His best dunk in Superstar Basketball is still talked about and stats-keeper Anthony Palacol continues to bring it up every season.

"Remember when Drew dunked on Chad Bell, that 7 footer from Sanchies team? Someone needs to get those highlights from Semi Pro Inc," said Palacol. "I still believe that's the best dunk in Superstar, so somebody get that FOOTAGE!"

Cisco Acevado led Relics with 26 points while Terrence Martin finished with 23 points, 3 steals. Lasalle Thomas added 10 points, 4 rebounds while Bobby Kovach added 10 points, 3 steals, 4 assists. Kovach, suffered an Achilles injury 3 years ago, was giving Chris Ashanti solid advice during their match-up on how to deal with Achilles recovery.

"It's great to see our players helping each other out," said League Commissioner, Hanz Jimenez. "We compete like cats and dogs on the court but off the court, we're still family."

D'Angelo Michael finished with a team-high 20 points while Eric Rey added 11 points and a bruised chair (please don't kick the chair, Eric, the chair didn't do anything to you). Glenn Payne finished with 13 points and 3 rebounds while Jason Fielder (traded before the game) finished with 11 points. The Rock would have forfeited with just 4 players and the Commish allowed the trade to take place in order to avoid a forfeit.


Monstars vs. Prodigy Plug
Gold Division
9 p.m.


Jared Ojeda's 4 point and-1 play tied the game at 71 apiece with 2 minutes left.

Monstars trailed for most of the 4th quarter but with a vow to prove that they were the better team, Monstars GM Jared Ojeda connected with an and-1 3-pointer, to tie the game, 71-71. Rookie Andrew Martinez put the game away as Monstars even the season series, 1-1, with a 76-73 win.

Monstars avenged a 20 point loss earlier in the season as Johnny Cabrera finished with 21 points on 50% shooting. Andrew Martinez finished with 15 points while Ralph Morelos added 14. Gus Vasquez made his season debut with 5 points while Xavier Morelos added 9 points. Monstars struggled to get bodies earlier in the season but with much of Gold Division growing, it was imperative that Monstars finally added to their roster.

On the opposite end, Prodigy is headed in a different direction as GM Paul Magaway continues to sit out with injury. With only 5 players suited up, Cisco Gomez led Prodigy Plug with 20 points and 2 rebounds. Isaiah Watson made his season debut with 21 while Kevin Price finished with 6 points. Garrison Deshay rounded off the top 3 scorers with 14 while Steven finished with 12 points.