2018 WINTER  |  SEASON 40

By: League Analyst
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Chicle vs. Elements


Cookies. Jay Tapang was everywhere with 7 steals last weekend.

Chicle played without 2 of their key starters but that didn't stop the system from delivering the team's 3rd win of the season. Chicle, playing without CJ Pang and Louie Venegas, combined for 21 assists as Chicle defeat Elements in a 78-40 win.

GM Chris Duran tied a team-high with 3 steals and he finished with 10 points, 4 assists and 3 steals. Jay Tapang, last weeks' Player of the Week, finished with 3 steals, 4 assists and 17 points. Danny Villalobos scored 18 points and was 58% from the field. The team had 5 players score in double figures as Mike Trout (11 points) and Damian Reyes (14 points) all scored in double digits.

Elements were down 18-5 at the end of 1st and were out-scored 30-6 in the 2nd quarter to trail by halftime, 48-11. Elements found their shot in the 2nd half, only being outscored in the 2nd half, 30-29. Newcomer Anthony Meltcher finished with 11 points, 16 rebounds while Adrian Cueto led all scorers with 17 points, 5 rebounds.

The team had friends who were willing to play in the beginning of the season but come Sunday, doesn't show up. Elements are still recruiting and this week, they got Anthony as their prized recruit. Will their recruiting pay off on Week 5? Will their friends finally show up this weekend? Dun-dun-dun...


n W o vs. Reckless


After a heart-breaking loss against Ball Broz, nWo came out with vengeance against Reckless on Week 4.

After losing a heart-break win against Ball Broz on Week 3, nWo bounced back with a huge win against Reckless, 99-54.

"We want tacos!!"

"We want tacos!!"

The cheer was coming from Reckless fans who were light-hearted in their loss against a team who just wanted it more.

Luis Montes led Reckless with 20 points, 10 rebounds while GM Noel Serpas finished with 12 points, 6 rebounds, 2 assists. Steven Castanieto added 12 points, 5 rebounds and 2 steals but struggled from the field hitting just 22% of his shot attempts. The former Champions was overwhelmed in the rebound category, being out-rebounded by nWo, 58-35. Reckless played without several bigs in David Guerrero and "Maui" two players who would have helped the team immensely in the rebound category.

Scoring the last 3 buckets against Ball Broz last weekend, Mark Mercado built on momentum scoring a game-high 23 points on 66% shooting. Mercado was named Player of the Week after knocking down 6 three-pointers and adding 4 assists, and 2 steals. The 37 year old continues to put up numbers and is proving he can still score from any spot on the floor.

"Baseline has always been his bread and butter, so is the top of the key, the mid-range and pretty much everywhere on the floor," said a league official.

Jerry Tennison finished with 12 points, 8 rebounds while Beau Reyes added 11 points. Jose Anguisada scored a dozen while PG Jonathan Wynn led the team with 5 assists. The team combined for 25 assists while shooting 48% from the floor.


Killmonger vs. Ball Broz


Ball Broz has a lot of scoring options and Mike Peters isn't the only player who can score for Ball Broz.

Game of the Week.

Killmonger knew the significance of the game and they knew Ball Broz. was coming for them. They knew Mike Peters (17 points, 3 three-pointers) was capable of big games and based on the previews, the strategy was to stop the MVP front-runner.

They limited Mike to under 20 points for the first time this season, but the problem is...

...they're called Ball Broz, for a reason.

This isn't the Mike Peters team, this is the Ball Broz and the brothers stepped up with a huge win over Killmonger, 82-72.

It was a combined team effort as Chico led the team with 5 assists, en tune to 11 points and 3 three-pointers. GM Gabe Rodriguez made his return after sitting out last week, and he finished with 5 points... without missing a shot. Robert Morgan was solid with 13 points while Steve Carpenter led the team with 18 points, 8 rebounds while shooting 55% from the field. A Runner-up for Player of the Week, Steve has been solid in the post and many believe he's ready to take the team to their next win...against East LA Dream Team (Week 6).

Ball Broz may be ready for East LA Dream Team (Reigning Champs) but Killmonger is seeing their depth deteriorate. Jordan Salley (7 points, 11 rebounds) was overpowering in the post but play time was limited after straining his leg late in the 2nd half. Dion Hudson (19 points) was starting to heat up but an Achilles injury might have Dion sitting out for a few weeks.

"It felt like somebody came up from behind and stepped on my leg," said Hudson.

"He was gathering and starting his dribble then it looked like somebody shot him on the foot," said a stats-keeper. "We pray for a speedy recovery..."

Uzoma Kalu finished with 25 points, 3 assists while Frankie Eturti scored 10 points. Brandon Chavers made his season debut with 4 assists and 5 points. Killmonger has asked for a bye, but playing double-headers down the stretch might not be their best interest.

"They faced the top 3 teams already, they have yet to face the lower tier teams, maybe they should play against the last placed team this weekend just to avoid a double-header," suggest a league official.