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Bullets vs. We Tried
Bronze Division
2 p.m.


Will Jorge Parrales try to top his season-high, 46 points or will Bullets develop the rest of the squad?

The Narrative: We Tried has lost 3 straight and are looking for their first win of the season. It's going to be a tough match-up as they take on Bullets, a team that is 2-2 and tied for #3.

Prediction: We Tried plays best in a man defense but 2 players from Bullets are virtually unguardable. Jorge Parrales averaged 34.5 ppg in his double-header last week and against We Tried, he could go for his second 40 piece this season. If Bullets are trying to beat Fire Squad, a team they lost to twice, they need to develop their bench, or lack thereof. Only 3 players scored against Fire Squad last week and with an easy game against We Tried, GM Daniel Donato needs to focus on getting the rest of the team going. Bullets with the W!

Key Player: We Tried had 4 players score in double figures last week. We Tried is trusting the process and last weekend (against Hoopers) all their players scored. They key to beating Bullets is to run with them. The Nava Brothers are the fastest players We Tried has so look for them to contribute against Bullets. The addition of John Faul gives GM Anthony Meltcher some help in the low post and if John puts up solid numbers the rest of the way, he would be a probable selection for the All Star Game at ...

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Hoopers vs. IHOB
Bronze Division
2:50 p.m.


Will Gary Beaird have another 31 point performance against IHOB?

The Narrative: Why is Hoopers and IHOB playing against each other after the 2 just played against each other last weekend? Chicle is making it difficult and their inability to play early games is forcing rematches such as these. With news of All Star Weekend coming around, look for IHOB players to try and pad their stats against Hoopers, a team they defeated last weekend.

Prediction: Hoopers GM, Gary Beaird scored 31 points last weekend while Adrian Lecesne led IHOB with 23. It was the second game of a double-header for Hoopers and Kenny Farr felt he was set up after IHOB ran all over them in their second match-up (85-64). With no double-headers this week, look for Hoopers to slow it down and make adjustments.

Key Player: Let's be real here, IHOB was one of the teams suggesting the return of the All Star Game and it could be good and bad for the team. Will players start to get away from team ball in hopes of playing in the All Star Game? If it were just any All Star Game, it wouldn't be a big deal but the Kings of LA play at S...

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Chicle vs. Fire Squad
Bronze Division
3:40 p.m.


Fire Squad was clutch when they needed to be against Bullets.

The Narrative: Fire Squad is rolling with a 2-0 start. After Chicle sat out 2 weeks in a row, the Champions could be rusty and may be looking at their first loss in 13 games.

Prediction: Chicle has a lot of experience playing together and 3 bye weeks in a row won't stop Chicle from suffering their first loss in 13 games. Anything can happen, and with the competition much fiercer than season's past, teams like Relics and Chicle are starting to lose their edge. Look for Fire Squad to burn Chicle (sorry, I had to, lol) on Week 4...

Key Player: Garrison Deshay. My dude jumped over Bullets last weekend and Chicle's General Manager, Chris Duran, likes being the bad guy. If Garrison can jump over Chris Duran, the members of We Hate Chicle Club, CJ "Nitro" Pang, and the scheduling committee would replay that highlight over and over and over, especially at the All Star Game on the Jumbo Tron at St...

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The Rock vs. Prodigy Plug
Gold Division
4:30 p.m.


The Rock's defense is on the hot seat, much like the league official who resigned late Saturday night.

The Narrative: Prodigy Plug requested for a later game time due to their teams playing in multiple leagues but the request was made on Saturday morning, which was too late for the scheduler to do anything. The Rock can take advantage of Prodigy Plug's weariness but they'll have to overcome their lack of defense and their old age, according to GM Ben Sin. Prodigy Plug's Isaiah Watson is due for a big game this season and after scoring just 11 points against Sick Pick Ups, look for Isaiah to have a 20 piece.

Prediction: Last season, GM Ben Sin was the Chairman of the Welcoming Committee as he posted sweet nothings on Prodigy Plug's Instagram page. The Rock should slow the game down and make it difficult for Prodigy to get in rhythm as they scratch the W column for the first time this season. Wouldn't it be great if The Rock won and Ben went back to Prodigy's Instagram page and posted, "Nice game, welcome to the league!"

Key Player: Let's just keep it 100 here. The last few weeks, The Rock and several other teams have had beef with a certain official and as of Saturday night, THAT official has officially resigned. If The Rock loses to Prodigy Plug, they can no longer blame their losses on THAT official. That official could have been officiating the All Star Game at Sta...

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Renegades vs. Try Hards
Gold Division
5:20 p.m.


Individual performances have spectators gawking at individual plays but team ball is the recipe for success.

The Narrative: Renegades won for the first time last weekend with a win over The Rock. Try Hards are too talented to be just 1-3 so look for them to play team ball and

Prediction: Both teams have talent and both teams have individual talent that can take the team away from playing team ball. As spectators, we enjoying seeing this 1-on-5 hero ball but it takes away from the team and both teams have suffered losses because of it. Whichever team plays team ball on Week 4 should walk away with the win.

Key Player: Let's focus on the boards where second chance opportunities will also play a huge factor in this match-up. Manny Morales has been a beast for Try Hards and last week, he grabbed 9 as Try Hards out-rebounded Monstars, 37-19. He'll have to out-work Renegades bigs as Try Hards try to avoid a 1-4 start.

With Ryan Carter in Chicago, many are wondering if he'll be back on time for Try Hards. The fan favorite is a top choice for the All Star Game held at St...

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Chicle vs. Foundation
Bronze Division
6:10 p.m.


Chad Dennis was the second player from Sick Pick Ups to be named Player of the Week.

The Narrative: Foundation vs Chicle, again.

Prediction: Chicle is going to be tired after losing to Fire Squad in the first match-up. Foundation should capitalize on Chicle's double-header so look for big games from Foundation's Aaron Mancell and Mark Mercado. Chicle has been on hiatus for 3 weeks and that long layoff could equal to Chicle's first loss in 13 games.

Key Player: Celebrating his 38th birthday, will Mark Mercado shoot for Player of the Week? The long time Clippers fan would be playing at the All Star Game and watch his beloved Clippers team if...oops.

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Relics vs. Entourage
Gold Division
7 p.m.




How much does Terrence Martin have left in the tank? With several teammates down, the 19x Champs must elevate their game back to 2010 levels...

The Narrative: Defending Champions, Relics (2-1), suffered their first loss of the season last week while Entourage has won 2 straight to improve their record to 2-1. Entourage has come prepared every week and was rather disappointed that East LA Dream Team showed up playing 4-on-5 for most of the game on Week 3. The win was rather forgettable as The Weekend err Kevin Levingston felt Entourage played to the level of the competition. Be careful what you ask for, as Entourage takes on the Reigning 19x Champions, Relics.

Prediction: Relics are reeling with injuries and it won't be a surprise to see them suffer their second loss of the season. They lost 2 of their starters in James Acevedo and Bobby Kovach and Terrence Martin is questionable week after week. Entourage with the upset!

Key Player: Ryan Miller quietly put up numbers for Entourage. Last week, he scored 27 points on 92.9% shooting while former All Star, Bryan Gernux, added 23 points. If Entourage is going to shock Relics, these 2 need to put up huge numbers while the Levingston Brothers focus on defense. Killmonger showed you the recipe to beat Relics and that's defense! Props to Entourage Founder, Eric Villegas, for reading between the lines and knowing where All Star Game for Season 42 will be held.

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Sick Pick Ups vs. Killmonger
Gold Division
8 p.m.


Dell Well's strategy to beat Prodigy: Rebound, outlet, run...

The Narrative: Rookie team, Sick Pick Ups, is on a 3 game winning streak while Killmonger has won 2 straight. The 2 undefeated teams are battling on Week 4 and after this week, only 1 undefeated team will remain in Gold Division. Will it be the rookie team, Sick Pick Ups, a team comprised of 2 All Stars in Chad Dennis and Dell Well or will it be Killmonger, a team led by former MVP Sean Harris?

Prediction: Defense beats offense and Killmonger's defense led to a huge upset over 19x Champions, Relics on Week 3. As electrifying as Sick Pick Ups offense is, Killmonger's defense proved it can beat the elite teams in the league.

Key Player: Truth be told, All Star Chad Dennis had league admin thinking of bringing the Dunk Contest back. The Sick Pick Ups guard electrifies the crowd with dunk attempts on guys twice as big as him. Last week, the rookies relied on Dell Well as Chad missed his first game of the season. Sick Pick Ups have shown that they are more than just a 1-man team and they are capable of beating the elite teams in Gold. Both Chad Dennis and Dell Well have won Player of the Week honors and will be at the Star Game held at...

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East LA Dream Team vs. Monstars
Gold Division
9 p.m.


Andrew Martinez is following up his rookie campaign with huge numbers in his Sophomore season. Would be nice to see him at the All Star Game...

The Narrative: East LA Dream Team has slipped and the former 3x Champions have lost 2 straight games. Monstars won their first game of the season against Try Hards and seem to be building momentum.

Prediction: East LA Dream Team is playing in multiple leagues and that's hurting their focus in the Regular Season. Their players are aware of Playoff seedings and the impression is that as long as they make Playoffs, that's when it really matters. Look for Monstars to get their second straight win.

Key Player: Monstars have hinted of adding an All Star rookie guard. Will he make his debut this week? Well you know who's making their debut down Figueroa St in December...?

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