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Hoopers vs. Renegades
Gold Division
5 p.m.


Still one of the GOAT pictures at Superstar Basketball. Happy Father's Day!

Hoopers’ Keys to Winning
- Hoopers is trying to avoid a 0-3 start. They lucked out because they face Renegades on Father’s Day, a team that doesn’t take the Regular Season seriously. They say Father Time is undefeated, and both teams are older than most of the other Gold teams. The question is, which team will out-last the other?
- Center Mike Arceo won’t be able to stop Renegades Center, Kris Dick. Dick runs marathons for warm ups and he will run circles around Arceo. Preventing him from getting the ball or doubling up the second he touches the ball will be Hoopers best interest in stopping Renegades from scoring. If they’re going to beat Renegades, it’s with defense, not offense. We know Gary Beaird (15 points last week) can score and Larry Parker (4-for-7 on Week 2) can get to the line but the key to winning is DEFENSE.
- Arvin Delapaz, their rookie guard, is quietly putting up solid numbers this season and last week, Arvin scored a team-high, 19 points. While the focus on Hoopers continues to be former MVP Gary Beaird and Larry Parker, Delapaz is jovially putting up numbers. You’ll see him joking around, playing light-heartedly, and photo bombing pictures, but when you look at the box score, Delapaz is quietly filling up the stats-sheet.

Renegades’ Keys to Winning
- They’re 1-0 with the help of Hoopers players, Mike Arceo and Gary Beaird. Players can only play for 1 team in their division and Superstar has allowed players to play for multiple teams for 1 week, in the event of a forfeit. Once that lee-way is gone, players aren’t allowed to play for multiple teams. Can Renegades get it together after a near-forfeit against The Rock?
- Former MVP Kris Dick will always be an MVP front-runner. Like Vino, his game has aged like fine wine (no homo). He shot over 70% against The Rock in the 1st half but saw his percentage drop when he started messing around. Against Hoopers, except him to try and go for another Player of the Week honor.
- With just 3 players from the roster showing up for Renegades in their Season Opener, it’s really difficult to get an assessment of Renegades. Jason Fielder is a former Defensive Player of the Season and GM Aaron Mancell knows how to build Championship teams. It’s Aaron’s job to build around Kris Dick who can find spot up shooters and cutters with the offense going through Kris first. 


Chicle vs. Foundation
Bronze Division
6 p.m.


Steve Kaniye's #1 fan!!!

Chicle’s Keys to Winning
- Both teams are 2-0. Chicle quietly moved up the rankings to the #1 spot despite Foundation beating last season’s Consolation Champion, Reckless. Chicle, playing their second season together, is already in mid-season form and their composure against a nWo in a tightly contested match-up on Week 2 proved Chicle is ready for a trophy this season.
- CJ Pang overshadowed Mike Trout’s offense on Week 1 but last weekend, Trout was huge with 24 points on 55.6% shooting. With just 1 Bronze Division game on the schedule, this could be the week Mike finally gets Player of the Week honors. Chicle has already have Jay Tapang and CJ Pang earn POW honors, and Chicle is proving how deep their team is with a likely 3rd player earning POW honors.
- Last season, Chicle proved they can compete with Gold Division Champions, East LA Dream Team. Their talent level isn’t up to par with the 2x Defending Champions but their system and their team play is. Not to be overlooked but GM Chris Duran has the team playing the right way and the team’s light-hearted attitude complements Duran when he expects the team to play the right way. If you want to compare it to the NBA, Chris Duran is like Popovich and some of his players troll as if they were Joel Embiid, Kyle Kuzma and Lonzo Ball.

Foundation’s Keys to Winning
- The team is comprised of Championship players from Superstar’s past. Mark Mercado and Jonathan Wynn continue to put up Buckets while Adrian Eddington and Rod Sepulveda has set the Foundation for a winning team. It’s been a predictable Week 1 and Week 2 for Foundation with the team starting off to a double-digit lead only to see it disappear in the 2nd half. Will the team have enough in the tank in the 2nd half against Chicle?
- Their size is a huge advantage in Bronze but their lack of movement has seen big leads disappear. When they called a timely time-out against Reckless after seeing their lead disappear, they emphasized on playing man and subbing out when necessary. Against Chicle, they might need oxygen masks to keep up with the division’s fastest team.
- Mark Mercado is due for Player of the Week honors as he continues to put up big numbers for Foundation. Jonathan Wynn has been inspired to average a triple double this season along with Chicle’s CJ Pang who currently is averaging a triple double. Watch out for these two in the game within the game as both CJ and Jonathan Wynn attempt to triple dip on Father’s Day.


East LA Dream Team vs. The Rock
Gold Division
7 p.m.


Mike Ashanti will be celebrating Father's Day at Superstar Basketball this weekend.

East LA Dream Team’s Keys to Winning
- Prodigy vs. East LA Dream Team is the match-up to see on Week 3. East LA Dream Team needs to be careful not to overlook the match-up against The Rock, a team on the rise after beating Prodigy on Week 2. To be fair, two players from Prodigy left early and The Rock defeated a team that was playing a second game of a double-header. The 2x Defending Champions have mastered what it takes to win 2 games in 1 day especially after winning the past 2 Championships in Superstar.
- The last time the team lost to a contender, it was against Ball Broz in OT. Word quietly leaked that they were partying the night before which contributed to a tightly contested match-up against Ball Broz. With everything on the line in the Playoffs, it was a blow out in favor of Dream Team. Father’s Day celebrations are ongoing this weekend, and Dream Team is in danger of losing both games… to Jose Cuervo, Jack Daniel, Dos Equis… lol
- East LA Dream Team combined for 17 assists last weekend led by Finals MVP, Ever Garcia. Ever is proving he’s more than just a scorer and being a facilitator will help his teammates get wide open looks as the league’s top guards continue to stop the Reigning Finals MVP from scoring.

The Rock’s Keys to Winning
- Composure. The Rock nearly blew it against Prodigy when they saw a 5 point swing go against them against Prodigy on Week 2 (5:15, 4th quarter). Glenn Payne, veteran All Star and calm under pressure, calmly sinked a 10-footer in Regulation to give The Rock a chance in OT and his heroics in OT gave The Rock their first win of the season. As chaotic as the sidelines can be when GM Ben Sin is in his natural form, it’s refreshing to see Glenn stay cool during the game’s most stressful moments.

- Balanced scoring attack. The Rock had 4 players score in double figures last week and they out-rebounded their opponents, 40-27. Kantiok is active on the boards and his ability to want to grab rebounds instead of scoring is invigorating. Most guys want to shoot 3’s and get on highlights but with role players buying into their role, The Rock should continue to win more games this season.
- Eric Rey: “It’s disrespectful you had The Rock losing, that’s just disrespectful!”

Dear Eric Rey,

We aren’t haters in Superstar Basketball, we call it as it is. The Rock lost 73-39 to Renegades on Week 1 and with former All Stars Glenn Payne and Kassah Kantiok coming back to the roster on Week 2, no one knew if they were in basketball shape. Notoriously fit and gym junkies, Glenn and Kassah have put in work at the gym but no one has seen them play ball in a year, and with that, we picked The Rock to lose against Prodigy last weekend. This week, we picked The Rock to beat East LA Dream Team because they’re looking ahead to the match-up against Prodigy. Please make sure we picked the right winner and beat East LA Dream Team.

Your friends,

Superstar Basketball League Analysts (not named Hanz Jimenez or Anthony Palacol, LOL)


BOTH TEAMS have been re-posting a lot of pictures, videos and content from Superstar Basketball. We just want to say Thank YOU – East LA Dream Team and The Rock. All love!


East LA Dream Team vs. Prodigy
Gold Division
8 p.m.


The similarities between Prodigy and East LA Dream Team had league analysts scheduling this match-up on Week 3. Is this the Who's Your Daddy Game?

East LA Dream Team’s Keys to Winning
- League analysts saw Prodigy as a young version of 2x Defending Champions, East LA Dream Team. They are long, fast, and play both ends of the floor. The biggest difference is Prodigy is raw and just beginning to hit their climb to the top while East LA Dream Team are proven winners. It’s the Future vs. Now as East LA Dream Team takes on Prodigy.
- Balance. GM Mario Miramontes was thrown a gauntlet on Father’s Day Weekend and he has to balance his player’s minutes especially with the tougher match-up as the last game of the weekend.
- Defend the 3. Last weekend, Prodigy shot 10-for-31 and 10-for-27 against Monstars and The Rock, respectively. Their opponents can score in the post but those 3-pointers could be the difference on Week 3.

Prodigy’s Keys to Winning
- Prodigy blew out the Monstars in their Season Opener but lost a forgettable second game of a double-header against The Rock. Four players scored in double-figures as Christian led the way with 17 points, 8 rebounds on 54.5% shooting. Team play and trusting your teammates will be the key to beating East LA Dream Team, a team that has players capable of winning Player of the Week from 1-to-9.
- Seven players won’t get it done for Prodigy. Look for GM Paul Magaway to recruit and bring more talent to upstart team, Prodigy. The Heights, former Champions, calls Prodigy their “younger brother” team…will we see some more players from The Heights play for Prodigy this season?
- RUN! East LA Dream Team is playing their second game of the week and they’re running it back-to-back. Historically when this happens, teams start off strong in the 1st half of their double-header but run out of gas in the 2nd half. GM Paul Magaway needs to have the team run and play man and let their stamina and fatigue get the best of East LA Dream Team.