2018 WINTER  |  SEASON 40

By: League Analyst
Contributing Writer


Ball Broz (2-1) vs. nWo (2-1)
12 p.m.


Mike Peters is putting up MVP numbers early this season.

Both teams are tied with a 2-1 record with Ball Broz ranked ahead at #2 and nWo ranked at #3. Offense has been Ball Broz.'s imo and Mike Peters, who many believe is the best scorer in Superstar Basketball at the moment, ranks #1 in total points and #1 in three-pointers with a season total of 15. Can Mike continue to put up offensive numbers against nWo?

nWo is averaging 69.3 ppg but they're losing one of their scorers in Robert Morgan (20 ppg, 8.7 rpg, 1.3 apg) who has decided to play for Ball Broz instead. Players cannot play for multiple teams in one division and Morgan played for both teams on Week 1 and Week 2. Losing Morgan should give plenty of scoring opportunities for Mark Mercado (13.7 ppg) and Chris Ostos (8.0 ppg) who are both shooting 32% from 3-point line. Rookie Ever Carro is averaging a league-high, 5.0 apg and is scoring 8.7 ppg.

"Ever has been winning Championships in other leagues, and his Championship mentality is carrying over to our squad," said a player from nWo. "Mix of old and new is good for nWo."

Ball Broz is led by Mike Peters who is averaging 22.7 ppg, 3.3 spg. Peters is hitting 50% of his 3-point attempts and his passing (2.7) is often overlooked...because he shoots so damn well. Ball Broz has multiple weapons in the post (Steve Carpenter, 12 ppg, 3.0 apg) and the wings (Robert Morgan, 13.0 ppg and GM Gabe Rodriguez, 10.3 ppg), and they're quickly becoming a well-rounded team.

"The gap between #1 team Killmonger and Ball Broz gets smaller by the week, and now you have East LA Dream Team and Chicle is hungry as well," said a league analyst. "You can say there's 4-5 teams that can win it this season."

Pick to Win:  nWo is old and they aren't a run-and-gun team. When the offense flows and Ball Broz is running, they are tough to beat. Both teams love the 3-ball and nWo suffered their first loss in a double-header on Week 1 because they shot 9% from long distance. Mike Peters is on a roll here, and a team of old guys shouldn't be able to contain the front-runner for MVP. This one goes to Ball Broz...


Elements (0-1) vs. Reckless (0-2)
1 p.m.


Father Time is undefeated...

There is a LOT of HISTORY between both teams. A LOT! We can write about how Elements was one of the Original 6 teams in the league and how James Santillan, part of the Elements brotherhood a decade ago, and how he was limited with playing time and how he started his own team. We can write about how his team developed into a Championship team... and Elements have yet to win one, but let's not write about that. We can look back in the past, maybe for Rivalry Week, but why look back in the past when we can enjoy this present.

The gift of another life...on the hardwood. Another life, to play the game we all watch and post about on social media, because let's face it, both teams post about the Lakers during every big game. (except for one dedicated Miami Heat fan). This week, both teams have put time aside to focus on their health, to get back into playing, to re-focus on fitness and play another game against Father Time, although we all know he's undefeated.

Elements GM James Bernardo was at the park, working on his game again.

Elements shooter, Luke Montilla, is working on his handles and his jumpshot again.

Reckless Founder James Santillan is drinking plenty of protein shakes and you know what they say about protein milk shakes - they bring all the boys to the yard, and they're like... (DON'T CLICK HERE)

Pick to Win:  If there's such a thing as good losses, last week against the #1 team, Killmonger, was a good loss for Reckless. They didn't give up easily and in the crucial 4th quarter, they were within 6 points before their comeback fell short. Against a team they consider their rivals, look for Reckless to get their first W this season.


Chicle vs. Undisputed Era
2 p.m.


Fastest guy on the court, Louie Venegas, is averaging 6.5 ppg for Chicle in their rookie season.


Undisputed Era is trying to avoid a 0-3 start as they take on Chicle, a rookie team that suffered their first loss of the season last week.


Jason Rico made his debut for the Baldwin Park team last week and he is averaging 24 ppg with 4 three-pointers. Herman Pech is scoring 15.0 ppg while Paolo Leonardo is averaging 14.0 ppg. Newcomer Uzoma Kalu has been taken off the roster (Killmonger) and will not play with the team the rest of the season. GM Erick Maldonado has the responsibility of coming up with a game plan against Chicle, a team that kept up with defending Gold Champions, East LA Dream Team on Week 2. Their opponents are shooting 42.3% from the field and combine for 9.0 apg.


"Since Erick loves watching WWE, let's put this match-up in perspective... this is like The Rock vs. Goldust. Not Goldberg, Goldust. You can take a guess on who Goldust is."


CJ Pang is averaging 19.0 ppg while Jay Tapang ranks 2nd in the team with 15.5 ppg. Mike Trout is scoring 8.0 ppg while GM Chris Duran is averaging 8.0 ppg. Their opponents are averaging 73.5 ppg with Killmonger hardly playing defense against Undisputed Era on Week 2. Expect those offensive numbers to go down as long as Chicle controls the tempo of the game.


Pick to Win:  Undisputed Era is looking for their identity while its clear what works for Chicle. They're a rookie team on paper but their play on Sundays says they've been playing together for awhile. Chicle by 10...



Killmonger vs. East LA Dream Team
3 p.m.


Uzoma Kalu's experience playing against Dream Team will be the key to winning the match-up against Dream Team.


Both teams are undefeated as 2-0 Killmonger take on Defending Gold Champions, East LA Dream Team.


East LA Dream is making sure there aren't "I love Your Smile" music videos featuring Uzoma Kalu as they take their Championship style of play against the so-called #1 team in the league.


"Hell nah they ain't #1," said a player from Dream Team last week.


Both teams have players going off for big games as GM Steven Ancheta averages 9.0 ppg with 6 three-pointers for the season. Dion Hudson is averaging 14.5 ppg while Jordan Salley made his debut last week with 17 points, 7.0 rpg. The team nearly has 5 players averaging in double figures but this week, expect those offensive numbers to decline against Dream Team. What Killmonger has to worry about is having a comfortable lead.


"Historically, Dream Team gets off to slow starts but they turn it up in the 2nd half," said a league analyst. "They make adjustments and once they get on a roll, it's hard to stop them."


Frankie Morales made his debut with Dream Team last week scoring 12 points on 40% shooting. John King logged a double-double with 12 points, 10 boards while Andrew Martinez led the way with 14 points on 36.4% shooting. GM Mario Miramontes and Reyes Cervantes combine for 9 points but those two shooters are as clutch as it gets and Killmonger need to make sure they don't overlook their Week 3 opponent.


"We're keeping tabs on Dream Team, we know what they're capable of," said GM Steven Ancheta on Superstar Radio, Week 2.


Pick to Win:  Dream Team. Killmonger has had easy wins against nWo and Undisputed Era, two teams expected to finish in the middle of the pack this season. This is their first real test against a contender. We're about to find out if they're the real deal or if their early season success is a result of their match-ups.