2018 WINTER  |  SEASON 40

By: League Analyst
Contributing Writer


Killmonger vs. Reckless

"LOL. Major mismatch..." - Luis Montes, via Facebook.

The number 1 team in Superstar Basketball went scoreless the first 5 minutes and many believed an upset could be had by the former Champions, Reckless.

"If the Lakers could beat the Spurs, then anything is possible," joked a league analyst.

The momentum shifted in the 2nd quarter as Killmonger shifted momentum with a 13-5 run in the 2nd half. It was all Killmonger the rest of the way as Killmonger defeat Reckless, 74-62.

Reckless didn't go down without a fight as Luis Montes connected for several 3-pointers late in the game. Down 53-37 at the end of 3 quarters, Reckless forced Killmonger to call a timeout, trailing just 8 points with a little over 2 minutes left. Player of the Week, Uzoma Kalu, put the game on ice assisting and scoring on several made baskets as Kalu finished with 15 points, 9 rebounds and 5 assists.

"We're the number one team right now but we're keeping tabs on another team, notably East LA Dream Team," said GM Steven Ancheta. "I know they beat Powerball last time around... so we know they're in our radar."

Ancheta finished with 9 points, 3 three-pointers as Killmonger combined to shoot 33.3% from the field. Darren Johnson finished with 12 points while Center Frankie Eturti anchored the defense with 4 blocked shots, 9 rebounds. 

Luis Montes made his return for Reckless scoring a team-high, 19 points on 55% shooting. Montes connected on a team-high 5 three-pointers as the team combined for 12 three's. Steven Castanieto finished with 16 points while Nate Federico finished with 5 points. The Serpas Brothers combined for 13 points, 9 rebounds and was held below their season goal (15 rebs) thanks to several 6 footers that controlled the paint for Killmonger.


Elements vs. n W o


Rookie Ever Carro passed for a season-high, 11 assists and was a close call for Player of the Week.

One of the Original 6 teams returned as Elements made their debut against nWo. Trailing 19-6 after the first stanza was the closest Elements could hold on to as nWo finished the 2nd quarter with a 22-11 run. The former 30&Over Division Champions, nWo, improved their record to 2-1, with a 80-48 victory.

Robert Morgan finished with 25 points, 10 rebounds but was forced to make a decision on which team he will be playing for the rest of the way. Morgan played for both nWo and Ball Broz on Week 1 and this week, did the same thing as League officials forced him to make a decision on which team he'll be playing for.

"If we had 2 divisions like in the past, he would have been able to but at this time, we have an 8 team league and 1 division," said a league official.

Rookie Ever Carro passed for a team-high, 11 assists and was an Honorable Mention for Player of the Week. Jose Anquisada finished with 13 points, 7 rebounds while Jerry Tennison added 7 points, 5 assists. Jonathan Wynn returned to action with 5 rebounds while Beau Reyes added 5 points.

Humble Hoops Founder, Jeremiah Ward, led Elements in scoring with 20 points on 36% shooting. Ward played floor general for the most part of the game and finished with a team-high, 5 assists. Rosan Bernardino added 10 points, 6 rebounds while GM James Bernardo added 2 assists. Bernardo was critical of his play and felt that he could have been more productive on the floor. What Elements need to understand is they aren't competing against other teams but against themselves. Father Time may be undefeated but there's still plenty of time left for Elements.

"You can throw in the towel now and decide basketball is in the past, or you can work on your conditioning and discover that you still have a lot more game in you," said League Commissioner Hanz Jimenez. "I got my last 2 scoring titles after 30, I had my best playing years at 32... but yeah, Father Time got me at 35."


Ball Broz vs. Undisputed Era



MVP Alert! Mike Peters could have easily been named Player of the Week scoring 21 points, 7 three's, 5 steals and 4 assists.


Mike Peters could have easily be named Player of the Week for the second week in a row as he led Ball Broz with 21 points, 7 three-pointers, 5 steals, and 4 assists. The most telling stat-line was his shooting accuracy (58.3%) from long distance as Ball Broz defeat Undisputed Era, 101-78.

Ball Broz surpassed the century mark for the second time season as Erik Valladares finished with 19 points, 4 rebounds and 3 three-pointers. Ball Broz addressed their big man woes adding Steve Carpenter to the mix en tune to 12 points, 3 rebounds, 3 assists in his season debut. Robert Morgan finished with 17 points, 9 rebounds and 3 assists while GM Gabe Rodriguez finished with 6 points and a team-high, 15 shot attempts. The team believes they are a #1 team and a potential match-up with either undefeated teams, Dream Team and Killmonger, is in the works.

Undisputed Era was led by sharp-shooter Jason Rico and he finished with 24 points, 4 three-pointers, and 3 assists. Rico was 4-for-7 from 3-point range as t he team combined to shoot 24% from the field. Herman Pech scored 12 points, 11 rebounds, 4 assists while Uzoma Kalu finished with 19 points, 11 rebounds. Kalu, already playing for Killmonger, has been removed from the roster as Undisputed Era GM, Erick Maldonado, has his work cut out for him.

"They have guys who commit yes early in the week and they end up as no shows on Sunday morning," said a league analyst. "They need an easier match-up this week to get some confidence going."



Chicle vs. East LA Dream Team



John King had a notable game with 12 points, 10 rebounds and a field goal percent of 56%.


Rookie team Chicle was ahead 26-20 at intermission and returning Gold Division Champions, East LA Dream Team, didn't grab the lead until the 3rd quarter (3:55) with 31-30 lead. East LA Dream Team held a narrow 35-33 lead at the end of 3rd and Chicle wouldn't lead the rest of the way. Playing with just 6 players, Chicle ran out of gas for their first loss of the season as Dream Team win in their season-debut, 56-45.

Andrew Martinez finished with 14 points, 6 rebounds while Player of the Week Runner-up, John King, led the team with 10 rebounds. King made like In N Out with a double-double finishing with 12 points on 56% shooting. Frankie Morales, a starter for veteran team Outlawz, played for his new team finishing with 12 points, 2 rebounds, 2 assists.

"Fernie is out there trying to level up at the Academy," said a league analyst. "If he could, you know he would be here playing but it looks like there's going to be a new sheriff in town.

Chicle played without one of their key starters, CJ Pang, as Jay Tapang led the team with a game-high, 18 points. Louie Venegas finished with 11 points, 3 rebounds while GM Chris Duran added 4 points, 2 assists. Matt Gutierrez scored 7 points and tied a team-high 8 rebounds. The team was celebrated for their shot selection on Week 1 but this week, the 3-ball wasn't falling as the team combined for just 9% from 3-point range (2-for-23).