2018 WINTER  |  SEASON 40

By: League Analyst
Contributing Writer


Killmonger (1-0) vs. Reckless (1-0)
12 p.m.


Reckless Fam Support > Every other team's fans

A survey on Instagram Live (late last week) asked if Killmonger is the #1 team in the league. 79% said no while only 21% agreed with the statement. Will Killmonger use the survey as chalkboard material against last-placed team, Reckless?

As if Killmonger needed any more motivation, Killmonger runs with just a full squad of 8 players but the team is arguably the "most fit" team in the league. Dion Hudson, a trainer at Self Made, is averaging a team-high 22 ppg, 4 apg while Darren Johnson is scoring 9 ppg, 10 rpg. Ukoma Kalu, adding 15 lbs of muscle since anyone from Reckless has seen him, is scoring 12 ppg, 4 apg while GM Steven Ancheta is scoring 9 ppg with 3 three's for the season.

"I think there will be no doubt that we're the number 1 team tomorrow. We'll be the team to beat this season without question. It will be fun," said GM Steven Ancheta.

Reckless historically starts off slow but they make the right adjustments and have a Championship to show for it. Those adjustments should make for a better game on Week 2 because Week 1 was a forgettable 50 point loss against a team in love with the 3 ball, Ball Broz. Killmonger is a run-and-gun team and Reckless should try to control the tempo early on. David Garcia is averaging 12 ppg while Steven Castanieto leads the team with 13 ppg. GM Noel Serpas is scoring 12 ppg while Brian Serpas leads the team with 12 rpg. Look for a combined team effort because the scouting report is out on Castanieto and Killmonger will try to shut him down defensively.

Pick to Win:  On paper, this looks like an easy win for Killmonger but anything can happen in Superstar Basketball. The scouting report is out there, the pictures and videos are out there, it's up for Reckless to make like Tune Squad and believe they can beat the Monstars aka Killmonger.


Elements (0-0) vs. n W o (1-1)
1 p.m.


They said NWO is old, but that mid-range game never gets old. Mark Mercado's bread and butter gets better with age.

Elements make their long awaited return against former 30&Over Division Champions, n W o. Their "little brother team", Reckless, suffered a 50 point last week in their return. Will Elements suffer the same fate as the little brother team?

"First of all, I want to know if Luke Montilla has been shooting 500 jumpers this week," asked former Relics GM, Ernest Pablo. "Second, I want to know if Luke still thinks he's Kobe and the rest of his team mates are Smush Parkers."

There are a lot of eyes glued to the outcome of this match-up from Reckless, Relics, but more importantly their next week's opponents, Reckless.

"We get them twice this season, we're ready for them," said a player from Reckless.

Mark Mercado and Robert Morgan leads n W o with 17.5 ppg. The team combines for a lowly 15.6% from 3-point range and they need to minimize their turnovers, a rate averaging close to 10 topg. Chris Ostos is scoring 7.5 ppg while newcomers Ever Carro and Mark Orr share team highs in assists with 2 apg.

Pick to Win:  n W o. The team historically doesn't care about the outcome of the game until the last 2 weeks of the season. With many Championship runs under their belt, look for them to get their cardio going against a team making their return after 8 years of hiatus. Elements, a team that started the trend of producing video highlights in Superstar Basketball, may have a "Shaggy" surprise in their return to Superstar Basketball.


Ball Broz vs. Undisputed Era
2 p.m.


Ball Broz likes to run. If Undisputed Era can control the tempo, Ball Broz could be looking at a shocking Week 2 loss.


Ball Broz have a league high 25 three-pointers and is 1-1 for the season. Undisputed Era suffered a heart break loss against nWo last week and is looking to rebound in their second game of the season. Can Undisputed Era recover from the heart breaking loss in their opener?


Mike Peters, Player of the Week for Week 1, is averaging 23.5 ppg and has 8 three-pointers for the season. GM Gabe Rodriguez is scoring 12.5 ppg while Adrian Anaya is scoring 11 ppg. If basketball was scored in style points, Ball Broz would have the Championship. They score in highlight making drives, flashy 3-pointers, and their up-tempo style is representation of what the NBA is today. Unfortunately, they lack post presence and they haven't been able to make adjustments once teams figure them out.


Undisputed Era is better than what they look and their fluke loss should have them super motivated against their Week 2 match-up. Herman Pech is averaging a double-double with 18 ppg, 20 rpg while Paolo Leonardo is averaging a team-high, 22 ppg. Ben Pena is scoring 17 ppg while GM Erick Maldonado is scoring 7 ppg. They logged 2 blocks last weekend and you would think they had more for the season since both logs were featured in the highlight reel.


"When you play defense, you get rewarded for it," said a league analyst. "We're kinda tired of watching 3-pointers and dunks, it's refreshing to see players thrive on defense."


Pick to Win:  Undisputed Era wasn't expected to be in the game against nWo and it took a miracle shot to beat them in their season opener. If shots are falling and they pick apart Ball Broz downlow, they should score a major upset against Ball Broz. That all ends if "Poster Boy" Terrence Martin aka "Hall of Famer" aka "Face of the League" makes his return to the League.



Chicle vs. East LA Dream Team
3 p.m.


B-ball IQ produces high percentage shots. GM Chris Duran hits a three against Ball Broz on Week 1.


This has the potential to be the game of the week. Both teams play team ball and both teams thrive on being overlooked. Many are wondering which version of Dream Team is returning - the Championship caliber team that took down Powerball, or the "old and slow version" that GM Mario Miramontes said was returning.


Reyes Cervantes confirmed which version of East LA Dream Team is returning with a few hashtags on Instagram last night, "reigning champs" #letsgetit 


Watching the videos to produce the highlight reel last week, it's evident Chicle has a lot of experience playing together and they do the dirty work other teams don't like to do - set screens, play both ends of the floor, run back on defense, set up the open man. If you watched the footage and didn't know which team was playing, you would probably mistake it for Dream Team because that's exactly how they play.


Five players scored in double figures as CJ Pang leads the team with 19 ppg. Mike Trout is averaging 16 ppg as the second leading scorer while Chris Duran is scoring 12 ppg. The team is shooting 32% from 3-point range and is averaging 45% from the field this season.


Pick to Win:  Look for a low scoring match-up as both teams try to figure each out. (Inserts spiderman vs spiderman meme, lol)