2018 WINTER  |  SEASON 40

By: League Analyst
Contributing Writer


Ball Broz vs. Reckless
12 p.m.


Season 40 kicks off with Former Champions (Reckless) making their return to the league. The former Bronze Champions (2011) has been on hiatus with family obligations but the brotherhood reunites for Title #2 as the team make their return with a familiar line-up.

Luis Soriano is their best offensive weapon while guards Steven Castanieto and Carlos Martinez should push the tempo. The Serpas Brothers are effective defenders and they should combine for 15 plus rebounds per game this season. Former GM James Santillan should be showing off his new dad bod (actually a decade old now, LOL) but like everyone else that hibernated during winter, look for these guys to shed the holiday weight this season.

“We should take pictures before the season and after the season to see who lost the most weight out of all the players,” said fitness enthusiast, Kassah Kantiok.

Ball Broz likes to run the floor and their young legs has them projected for a 6-2 finish. An inconsistent roster in season’s past led to unhappy players and the turnover led to chemistry problems amongst the team. A double-header  to start the season will test their chemistry early on but a lot of that has to do with GM Gabriel Rodriguez’s key acquisition of a certain Hall of Famer.


Pick to Win:  Reckless. The team from the Valley has Championship experience but the lack of play in recent years may lead to plenty of rust. A lot of the outcome depends on their All Star recruit in Terrence Martin aka Hall of Famer aka Face of the League. One thing we do know about “T-bone”, he shows up in the Playoffs and rarely makes an appearance in the first few weeks.

Jersey Colors:
Ball Broz (Black)
Reckless (White)


Ball Broz vs. Chicle
1 p.m.


Can Ball Broz start the season with a 2-0 record? A double-header against San Fernando Valley team, Reckless, and Chicle should test their chemistry early in the season.

Chicle may be a rookie team but CJ Pang has had experience in Superstar Basketball playing for Co-Ed Division team, Bomba Stars. With an uncanny resemblance for Nitro of American Gladiators, CJ is aggressive on both ends of the floor and has the potential to be the star player of the team. He quietly does the dirty work by setting screens, contesting shots, grabbing rebounds and drinking his protein shake to make sure he keeps his macros on check (lol).


Pick to Win:  Chicle. If the rest of the team has CJ’s energy and basketball IQ, then Ball Broz could start the season with a 0-2 record.


Jersey Colors:
Ball Broz (Black)
Chicle (Purple)


N W O vs. Undisputed
2 p.m.


Undisputed is back with their motto: Redesign, Rebuild, Reclaim. Inspired by Maldonado’s quote, League Commish Hanz Jimenez is applying Maldonado’s strategy to Superstar Basketball.

“Time to Make Superstar Great Again,” said the League Commish. “Five years ago, I would have been training, trying to get my stats up for the season but it’s time to focus on the quality and make sure the rest of the League enjoys Superstar Basketball for all its glory.”

Will the features be delivered on time? With only 8 teams, delivery shouldn’t be a problem unless Commish is playing basketball at an LA Fitness or 24. His teammates will keep him on check and most of his teammates are former members of 30&Over Division, n W o.

On paper, Undisputed should win. They have added a bully in the post that goes by the name of Herman Pech and athletic wingman, Manuel Rivera should n W o out of breath by halftime. GM Erick Maldonado is an unselfish GM and will be giving his players plenty of playing time. Maldonado has to survey the other team and base his minutes base on the other team’s weaknesses. Basically what the editor is saying here is – if the other team sucks, Maldonado needs to get playing time because he ain’t trying to play against some of the tougher teams (lol).

Pick to Win:  Undisputed. Their GM should know how the Commish runs his teams by now – lose weight early in the season and ballhog… try to win at the end. Ironically, this is the same strategy Erick Maldonado is applying this season evident with Herman Pech’s pre-season quote.


Jersey Colors:
n W o (Black)
Undisputed (Blue)


Fire Squad vs. Killmonger
3 p.m.


GM Steven Ancheta got really tired of his old teammates, Fire Squad. Ancheta started his own team, Killmonger and their first game is against his former team, Fired Squad.

“Funny how his favorite players is Melo, and no one wants to play with Melo,” joked a former teammate.

Fire Squad has not released a roster and GM Eddie Avila is still trying to figure out who to call to play on Sunday.

“Classic Eddie,” said another former teammate who plays for Undisputed Era that goes by the name of Herman Pech.

Killmonger picked up the services of Uzoma Kalu, a fashion mogul point guard that doesn’t miss a chance to dress up in retro 90’s clothing. Uzoma should easily get Ancheta open for wide open 3’s and his ability to hit clutch 3-pointers had several opponents raising their eyebrows in season’s past.

“He’s had at least 2 game winning 3’s and he’s a guy you least expect to hit those shots,” observed one league official. “When he catches fire, he’s impossible to stop, unless of course you’re playing for Eddie and he decides to sub you out…heyyyy!!!”


Pick to Win:  Killmonger. Look for a big revenge game from Steven Ancheta. Get him a damn interview at the end of the game too and let people know, don’t ever sub a guy out when he’s hit 3 three’s in a row. Yes that happened, shout out to Fired Squad.


Jersey Colors:
Fire Squad (Red)
Killmonger (White)