By: League Analyst
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Foundation vs. We Tried
Bronze Division
2 p.m.


Foundation, before half the team disappeared after Week 6 (Season 40).

Foundation, winners of 8 Championships, has the hardest looking jerseys in the history of Superstar Basketball. With banners draped on both sides of their shorts and trophies to form the back neckline of their jerseys, look for Foundation to come out drippin (is this what the new cool kids say?)

The team is a lot older than the other Bronze Division teams but GM Jonathan Wynn is very competitive and doesn’t see himself past 30. Wanting to register in Gold Division, it took Wynn a couple of weeks to decide on Bronze… and that’s what happens when you have #mambamentality. The team has re-formed their roster and last season, they were runner-ups against Reckless in the Consolation Bracket.

We Tried initially tried to register as “That One White Guy” but the name was vetoed by league officials. We Tried …To Be That One White Guy is a homage to one of their players who lit up Ball Broz last season. Cody, playing for Elements last season, scored 34 points and 10 three-pointers and GM Anthony Meltcher is excited for the team’s debut on Season 41.

“Cody looks like Charlie from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” joked a league official. “We’ll call them We Tried, but we think Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a name better suited for them.”


East LA Dream Team vs. Relics
Gold Division
3 p.m.


Dream Team vs. Relics, Summer 2012 Finals

Game of the Week.

Relics, 18 time Champion, takes on the league’s best team, East LA Dream Team. The team has won 2 straight Championships and the 3-time Champions is looking to make a name for themselves against the league’s most decorated franchise.

“When you think of NBA, you think Celtics, Lakers…Bulls,” said a returning GM. “When you think of Superstar Basketball, you think of Relics.”

Their peers are excited to see them back in action and the highlights all over YouTube and Instagram have been timeless. From the double alley oops (James Acevedo-to-Andrew Knox-to Flight) to Terrence Martin’s Espiritu Santus to the Steph Curry before Stephen Curry (Cisco Acevedo), the Relics are going to elevate the competition level to another level in Season 41.

You know the competition level is serious when you have players checking in and inquiring about match-ups before game day. Andrew Martinez was disappointed in missing the season-opener and is hoping for a re-match on Rivalry Week (Week 7). GM Mario Miramontes has taken over the franchise for Reyes Cervantes but that shouldn’t change anything for the 3-time Champions. Their players are long, quick and are deep from 1-to-9. Their players are interchangeable and their experience at the top of the mountain in recent seasons could give Relics an L in their return back to Superstar Basketball.


Equality vs. Monstars
Gold Division
4 p.m.


Monstars, Circa 2012.

Monstars was young and raw when they played their earlier years in Superstar Basketball but GM Jared Ojeda has grown a lot in recent years. Ojeda is bringing back the Monstars, a team comprised of a beasty front court. Xavier and Ralph Morelos, two brothers who have been winning tournaments in the Latino Circuit, are expected to bring Monstars to the top in Gold this season.

Equality features Gary Beiard, a multiple MVP recipient who made history on Season 3 when he led Zero Balance to an undefeated Season, becoming the first team to win a Championship with an undefeated record. Beaird has won it all from 3-point Shooting contests, Regular Season MVP, All Star MVP and Finals MVP. Word on the street is his team is stacked and GM Renegades Aaron Mancell leaked out the info a couple weeks back.

“They got Uzoma Kalu, Larry Parker, Mike Peters…their team is stacked,” revealed Aaron Mancell.

With Equality hoping to bring an ass whooping to all kinds of teams, Monstars isn’t backing down.

Jared Ojeda, Monstars GM: Nothing is better than competitive basketball. I don’t want an easy road, we want to play with guys that wanna beat our ass. Cause that’s what mindset my team has had in other leagues.”



Renegades vs. The Rock
Gold Division
5 p.m.


Renegades is looking for the best competition in Gold Division. GM Aaron Mancell should make plenty of stops to Vegas before taking the season seriously in the Playoffs.


Fi-na-lly, The Rock has come back to Supeeeeeeerstar!

The Rock, 2-time Champions (Summer 2010 and Spring 2012), make their return to Superstar to honor the late Dale Barnes. Barnes was a Championship caliber Center who averaged 5.7 ppg, 6.9 rpg in The Rock’s Championship Season in Summer 2010. Expectations aren’t there for The Rock, a team GM Ben Sin says is here to reunite and have fun this summer.

League analyst: Relics vs. The Rock for the title?

Ben Sin: Negative

LA: Ya’ll not cooking…

Ben Sin: Dream Team vs. Relics… we are playing for the memory of a friend.

Their opponent, Renegades, is playing for bragging rights and Kris Dick wasn’t shy about his intentions. GM Aaron Mancell initially registered for Bronze Division, but Dick was back to his usual self (LOL, damn I miss your antics) and was

Kris Dick: We are in Gold right?

League Analyst: Bronze

KD: Why Bronze?

LA: Ya’ll really want gold?

KD: Yeah I want competition, not blowouts.

Renegades, winner of 2 Championships in Gold Division (Spring 2013, Fall 2013) have been winning Championships in other leagues. GM Aaron Mancell has put together Championships teams and Regular Season records are nothing to Mancell. Expect a couple of Vegas trips from him as the team coasts in the Regular Season only to turn it on in the Playoffs.


Chicle vs. Reckless
Bronze Division
6 p.m.


Reckless Fam Support > Every other team's fans

With a season under their belt, expect Chicle to turn it on this season. The team’s talent level wasn’t on par with the elite teams last season but their chemistry and their hustle kept them in the ball games against Dream Team and the elite. They were listed as rookies last season but they were anything but rookies on the floor as GM Chris Duran hit timely 3-pointers and CJ Pang was unstoppable on both ends of the floor. Seeing Reckless win a trophy in the Consolation Bracket has CJ posting emojis and Chicle is looking to make it official with a Bronze Division Championship this season.

CJ Pang: Consolation Bracket gets a trophy?!

Superstar Basketball: Yes.

Chicle takes on the Winners of the Consolation Bracket, Reckless, to start Season 41. Reckless was about the brotherhood and camaraderie and it was a pleasant surprise to finish the season with a Consolation Bracket trophy. The team has new uniforms to start the season and with a trophy to re-start the league’s Bronze Division, look for Reckless to defend the throne.