The Monster Hunter World final update will add the black dragon Fatalis, a ton of cosmetics and all of the game's festivals back to back. Monster Hunter World's Final Big Update Adding Boss Fight With Fatalis. There is some content confirmed for the Developer's Diary Final, though. I’m going to wait patiently, and then i’m gonna grind the hell out of the final update, make new sets, get all the layereds, solo Fatalis, get the new claw deco, fight AT Velkhana, make even more new mixsets, ane live the monster hunter dream once I have all the layereds. The video will focus on Monster Hunter World Iceborne's free Title Update … “The Final Stand” is more than just another free title update for Monster Hunter World.It’ll be the last free title update. This update features special collaborative weapons and armor from FINAL FANTASY XIV! Capcom have announced the release date for the fifth and final major update (version 15.00.00) to Monster Hunter World, and Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. The final update for Monster Hunter World will be going live on 1st October 2020, but before that, Capcom will be cycling a lot of event quests in the lead-up to it. The fifth and final free title update for Monster Hunter World is coming October 1, and it's bringing Fatalis. The game’s developers announced on August 28 that the game would soon reach the end of its post-release content cycle, and they plan on going out with a bang. 『Monster Hunter: World and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt are teaming up! Monster Hunter: World will get its fifth and final major update in October featuring the long-awaited face-off against the powerful black dragon Fatalis. Players will be … The last free update for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne will see the arrival of the Legendary Elder Dragon Fatalis, accompanied by an arch-tempered version of Velkhana with a theme to turn anyone’s blood cold. Announcing the 4th Free Title Update for Monster Hunter: World. The Monster Hunter World Iceborne fifth title update release date has been announced for September 30 at 5 p.m. PDT/8 p.m. EDT/8 a.m. HKT! Play as Geralt of Rivia and take on a new special assignment! That makes sense! Available Now. And we’ve gotten a score of major content drops since then. It’s been about a year since the Iceborne expansion injected new life into the game. Go on a quest containing RPG elements from "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt," and solve mysteries as an expert monster slayer for hire!