Whenever I want to charge, it displays red and green lights then it goes off in less than a minute. like im trying to power something too powerful. Related Documents. One can’t check that function right of the box , but when first used , it worked once Read more. i have ravpower ace series 12000 mah power brick. Hootoo.com . A bit of bad news, our RP-PB058 26800mAh Power Bank does not support quick charging for Samsung. It’s a little heavier than I was expecting at just under 200g but it’s quite compact: about the size of a USB hard drive, just a little thicker. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. None applied to my situation. Is there any problems with airport security or will I have to leave it at home. DC5v/5.5a max total Hi, please contact support@ravpower.com to answer your query. and boy was I wrong. I just put my power bank in a place a month and now i start to charge again but it doesnt charge anymore. I’m just not able to use the internet WiFi. Hi Bear, the flashing red light indicates that the battery is dead and the product needs to be charged. But the AC plug has stopped working. We have 1 Ravpower RP-WD03 manual available for free PDF download: User Manual Ravpower RP-WD03 User Manual (125 pages) If it didn’t turn on, this means your phone hasn’t found the FileHub’s WiFi and so it couldn’t detect your SSD/HDD. Cable/Socket Issues: Not all power bank maintenance issues are battery problems. Amazon.com: RAVPower FileHub, Travel Router AC750, Wireless SD Card Reader, Connect Portable SSD Hard Drive to iPhone iPad Tablet Smart Phone Laptop for Photo Backup, Data Transfer, Portable NAS, 6700mAh Battery (Renewed): Electronics Many thanks! Sometimes its a cable problem due to wear and tear or old age. - File management RAVPower FileHub lets you easily manage and transfer files between your devices and the USB … If I unplug everything and put the power bank back on the charger and then reconnect it to my phone it starts the cycle all over again but it will not charge any longer. How can I reset this back to “auto charge?”. is there any way the filehub can be set up to turn on automatically when its plugged into a charger? Okayy I got some problem, why my powerbank suddenly stopped charging? Gav. hi, i connect a hard drive to the rav power, connect the ipad , found my movies that are on the hard drive from my ipad , saludos. Hello, I just bought a new ravpower and when I received it the charger light up 3 blue lights, when I used the cables that it came with to connect the charger itself, it went down from 3 blue lights to 1 blue light. Thanks. May I transfer files from my iPad or iPhone to a USB flash drive using RAVPOWER? And the request: could you implement an epub reader and CBR reader inside of the app? I expect with the ravpower it charges faster or at least similar to samsung charger. The unit is about 2 or 3 years old and not heavy used but I keep it charged up every few months. My portable charger doesn’t work. 1 x RAVPower Filehub (Model: RP-WD009) 1x USB Cable 1 x User Guide 1 x Lifetime Warranty Card From the manufacturer. After I have finished charging my phone from the power bank, I unplug the phone (the microUSB end), but I leave the other end of the cable (the USB end) plugged in to the power bank’s charging-FROM port. The difference between RP-WD007 and RP-WD009 1) One key backup speed improve to 1418 Mb/s from 7-12 mb/s when your are using high speed SD card. If either the AC power cord (if applicable), USB cable or USB socket is damaged, you may have difficulty interfacing with your device. Hi could you please email us at support@ravpower.com. The top of the unit has 5 LEDs, some of the which have va… If this is still unsuccessful, please contact the retailer. “When you’re not charging a device from your power bank, we suggest unplugging the cable from the USB socket. RavPower Filehub has a number of functionalities in one small device. Thank you. RAVPower FileHub, Travel Router AC750, Wireless SD Card Reader, Connect Portable SSD Hard Drive to iPhone iPad Tablet Smart Phone Laptop for Photo Backup, Data Transfer, Portable NAS, 6700mAh Battery 4.4 out of 5 stars 1,045. Why is there a limit on the size of file that can be shared with other apps? Can I transfer word files with the WD009 RAVPower FileHub? Hi there, the FileHub does not support this function. Thanks. Overall, I’ve found the RAVPower FileHub to perform well. For reference, we did write a power bank maintenance and troubleshooting guide which might have some information to benefit you. Hi could you please contact our support team: support@ravpower.com, Hello, could you please explain this comment: travel . Is there any what to fix this or reset de powerbank? The wifi radio seems to be faster, too. SD card -> iPad -> USB device. Hi there, this unfortunately can’t be done. If you have a RAVPower charger you can contact support@ravpower.com to speak to our customer support team. On the RP-WD009, can I attach a card reader to the USB-C and then copy files from there to an attached USB-A drive? Thank you for your purchase of the RAVPower RP-WD007 FileHub. Internet pass through function built in. Yesterday it stopped working. It connects by wifi with an iPad, iPhone or Android device and a dedicated app. It was working fine. GaN Chargers vs. Silicon: Do Materials Matter In A PD Charger? Router Mode when connected to a DSL or a cable modem works as a regular router. When it is dropped, it will have a greater impact on the USB interface and increase the risk of product failure after falling. So glad we could help. Keep following us for more cool products! How do I fix my romoss powerbank isn’t charging and 00 percent of battery? It has two ports for an SD card and a hard drive, and it’s built for on the go data transfer with your phone. We have a range of FileHubs and incredible file transfer devices; you can check them out here. Thanks! I emailed support but have not received an email back. Thanks. Bad Points. In built battery pack. Details & FREE Returns Return this item for free. Hey, Hi there could you please email us at support@ravpower.com and include your RAVPower model so we can better help you. A lot of times the plug ins for these are horrible. Hi, is the power of the charging device lower than 3W? What’s the longest a power bank has ever lasted you, and did you do anything in particular to maintain the unit? As I said, this has not been actually used more than two maybe three short times and was kept charged and in my bag ready to use. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "50f2fa2cbcfde7eecfbcc8f48916fcdf" );document.getElementById("690d220fa3").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. When i charge my galaxy note 9 with the samsung charger it took 41 minute from 60 to 100. Definitely worth the $55. RAVPower's Filehub is interesting at first glance. Please get in contact with support@ravpower.com with your details and our customer service team should be able to help you with this issue. If your charger is from RAVPower you can email the model number and order number to support@ravpower.com to discuss this issue further! i have tryed my phone charger, a fan, a light led lights. Check whether the network settings of RP-WD009 are correct. I’ve seen it take 48+ hrs to fully charge the battery. We recommend that you stop using your powerbank if it shows cracks, smoke or other abnormalities. Is there a way for me to reassign names that are more meaningful? We hope to have answered your question. Vita’s generally require at least 1.5V to charge. Hi there, no it could not support more than one hard drive. Which RAVPower power bank do you own? The power bank has been charging things without any problem. yes you can transfer files from the iPad to the USB drive. I have a WD-008 FileHub. You may transfer files Sold By: RLERONPOWER DIRECT, Is there a Warranty for this still? RAVPower. I have an RP-PB043. Power Bank. I have a RP-PB052. RP-UM002. (The usb & type C are still working though). RAVPower RP-WD03 FileHub Plus - Unboxing & Review Accessories . Hi could you please email us at support@ravpower.com and someone will be able to help. Hope this was helpful! The “light” went ON and I when I double tap the tab on side (as usual) , it won’t shut off? Does the file hub have either an undefeated or a bin that I can retrieve accidentally deleted files from. Q8. security . If yes, which model (RAVPower Filehub Wireless Travel Router N300 or RAVPower RP-WD009) have you used and what is the way to find the path to your music folder that needs to be shared with Sonos? Unfortunately we do not accept power banks for proper disposal. 2. there is not instruction on how to charge this stupid device! Thank you. My RAVPower 22000mAh External Battery used to start charging a device upon connection. Khang says: March 25, 2018 at 2:25 pm Can i charge my dell laptop with the AC output as the same time as i charge my phone with the USB ouput? Restore the factory settings and reset the network. Hi there, our app currently does not show the battery level. I bought a ravpower rp-pb054 power bank from a friend a few months ago. Wireless Data Transfer and Backup Anywhere. After a trip away 2 weeks ago, I tried to charge it as it was down to one blue light and after a couple of days of trying, I figured out the pack was not charging at all. please help out. just plug it in to a usb wall charger with the provided cable….. Will a future firmware update fully utilise the usb C for data or has that connection been hardwired for power only? We’re sorry to hear this. If you’re concerned at all, we suggest contacting your airline. If not, drop a comment on this blog page and we’ll answer you there or add the question to our page! However, please be aware that the FileHub can’t work like TeamViewer or modify the file. How Do You Jump Start a Car in Cold Weather? Merci pour votre réponse. I have my Ravpower RP-PB41 26800 mah, i have this problem when i charge my powerbank it starts blinking but it doesn’t get it to full charge even if i charge it 24 hours and more. My power bank does not charged when plugged to the extension or even sockets for charging but the four LEDs comes up like its fully charged and it isn’t charged at all….why pls. If I unplug everything and put the power bank back on the charger and then reconnect it to my phone it starts the cycle all over again but it will not charge any longer. Highlight all … I bought it less than 2 years ago – is it out of date already? Hi William, please send an email to support@ravpower.com so we can help. I have to press the button again to start charging again. and i dont think it is getting power. From what I’ve heard and tested, when charging a Vita, your battery indicator will not display the lightning effect while charging, but your Vita is still charging regardless. Sep 3, 2019, Solar Charger 25000mAh Power Bank Portable Charger Battery Pack with… $33.99 Yes you can smoothly stream movies Apple’s C TO LIGHTNING line, because of circuit reasons, most of the mobile power supply will not shut down even if it is not connected to the mobile phone when this line is connected, and will always consume power. Hey! FileHub 15_RP-WD009 UserMan details for FCC ID 2AFDGRP-WD009 made by SUNVALLEYTEK INTERNATIONAL, INC.. 2. Now they both connect and charge for a moment, stop, and repeat this continually. Hi please email us your model of Filehub and your question to support@ravpower.com. Thanks for getting in touch! all I can find is a small icon in the phone app, in the upper left side. But, I can connect my phone with the powerbank and it is charging them. I need to pull files from my external hard drive to my iPad Pro. Hi, How can I do that? RAVpower WD02 & WD01. I am having trouble turning the unit on. el usb C solo sirve para carga o tiene otros usos? It’s on real low, the lights and the charge is 3/4 full!? Yes, you can carry the FileHub onto planes as the battery size is within general aviation limits. 1. Any suggstions? The past week or so, I can hook up a device (iPhone, Key2, Blutooth earpiece) and the only way charging will start is if I push the button on the side, now as if to “turn on” the Battery. RAVPower’s First Magnet Wireless Charger for the iPhone 12 Series: RP-WC012, Find the Perfect Charging Match for Your iPhone during the Christmas Holiday. hi, i’ve purschased a 4X battery charger for cr123a and i’m wondering why the 4 lights are blinking red. Now that you know a little bit about power bank maintenance and the most common ways they fail, we can explore how to narrow down the issue. If you tell us the model number we will be able to help further. If the power bank is used infrequently or hasn’t been used for a long time, we recommend fully charging it every three months. It sounds like you might have damaged your device when you dropped it. RAVPower FileHub, Travel Router AC750, Wireless SD Card Reader, Connect Portable SSD Hard Drive to iPhone iPad Tablet Smart Phone Laptop for Photo Backup, Data Transfer, Portable NAS, 6700mAh Battery (Renewed) Visit the Amazon Renewed Store. Thanks! ( je possède le modèle RP-WD03). ONE-KEY BACKUP: Long press the power button for 5-8 seconds until the WiFi icon light, SD Card LED light (when plugged in) turn on to use one key backup, wireless safe file transfer and travel router features. If you want to read more, check out ten unusual ways that having a FileHub will improve your life! Hi please email us at support@ravpower.com. The filehub is not turning off after depressing the power button for more than 10 seconds. I do this because I don’t want to add extra wear and tear on the port. For the past 3 weeks, it would be on and connect, but would automatically disconnect from the Wi-Fi after a period of time between approximately 10-45 minutes. •Supports android platform 2.3 and above. It won’t show 2 HDDs, Hello, Next. So what kind of damage could be being done by leaving it plugged in to the power bank? I bought a RavPower RP-PB172 a few days ago. The WD009 is an all-new model for 2019. Just wondering if it is ok to leave the File hub (w009) plugged in and on all the time (like a normal router). Not even a year old, but it does not want to recharge. I have an issue I’m hoping you can resolve. please share how it can be done. Summary of Contents for Ravpower Filehub. Hi. Now it won’t turn on by itself. What’s going on and how do I fix this. It doesn’t matter what source I use. I continued my search and eventually stumbled on the RAVPower FileHub RP-WD03. Turns off. Does Your New iPhone 12 Mini Have the Same Issue? Warranty and Support This RAVPower RP-WD03 FileHub is covered with the RAVPower 12 month warranty from the date of its original purchase. Thanks! Your email address will not be published. Fortunately, a USB cable at least is much cheaper to replace than an entire power bank. File transfer speeds also left a lot to be desired. I tried to set it up on my wife’s iPhone 6 and successfully obtained a connection. When I plug the power bank it start blinking all the lights. Hi, please contact support@ravpower.com thanks. How can this work? Thanks for an response! It does the same when i try to charge my mobile and doesnot charge the phone. This solves a fundamental problem of travel, dealing with the vagaries of foreign WiFi connections. File transfers failed a few times, so I had to double and triple check that they went through. Now, we have a WiFi router with the same username and password, wherever we go. The standard powerbank drop test is 1.2m. AP Mode (Wired -> Wireless) plug in an Ethernet cable and it will take a wired signal and turn it wireless. my Ravpower 22000 power bank only shows one light flashing while charging and does not go past that. Unfortunately, we have no power bank that is capable of these three products at the same time. However, in China the security officer did a calculation and said it exceeded the 100 Wh limit. Expand submenu Power Bank Collapse submenu Power Bank. What I have is a model called 'Seabird', a middle range device in the Filehubs. The pack still charged my iPhone but I cannot re-charge the pack. Hi there, the aspect ratio of the video cannot be changed when the iPad is in landscape mode and playing a video. Download the ultimate guide to flying with a portable charger, including a list of airlines and their power bank rules. My Rav Power Deluxe RP – PB19 shows fully charged and will start charging my phone then after a few minutes will stop. Thanks, Yes me too! Page 1: User Guide EU Importer: ZBT International Trading GmbH, Halstenbeker Weg 98C, 25462 Rellingen, Deutschland ASIA PACIFIC E-mail : support.jp@ravpower.com(JP) Manufacturer Shenzhen NearbyExpress Technology Development Co., Ltd. very useful & informative article. For your convenience, we recommend connecting your iPad Pro to the FileHub’s WiFi for safe file transfer to and from an external hard drive. I bought a rav power bank from Amazon 22000mAh on the 11 April 2018. But when i use the ravpower with the type c to type c cable it took almost an hour from 60 to 100. I have had the battery plugged in for over 12 hours and the battery only shows 2 lit LEDs on the power meter when I unplug from the charger. I find turning off filehub device is very tricky at times. please exchange or return my product or provide any servicing / customer service details in india. A: Yes, a USB 3.0 charging cable is included. How can I do that? If you want to use a third-party player, you have to long press the video file and select the player. Sorry to hear about your issue. Don't travel without the RAVPower FileHub for $39.19. Hi please contact Romoss as they’ll be able to help assist with your power bank. As a FileHub, it supports: As a power bank, it can charge your portable devices Thanks for getting in contact. model RP–p841. Sometimes “power bank maintenance” is really just a commitment to do better next time. non work… any ideas? It allows you to do a multitude of activities with ease, including: USE THE POWER BANK FEATURE: Press the power button to turn on the battery LED light and charge other devices. Please can you contact support@ravpower.com to chat with a customer service representative to see how we can resolve this. In the meantime, please remember that the WD03 Travel Router is limited by size and power consumption. Why is the FilehubPlus only see one HDD. RAVPower Filehub RP-WD009. Thanks for the reply, another quick question, is there any way to change the name of the folders from the default: “USBDisk_Volume1” to something else? Could you please add a numerical procentual value for the next update ? Hi! I am able to transfer video/photo files from my phone to HDD, BUT I am still not able to find a way to move general files (pdf/excel/word) from my phone / google drive (in my phone ) to HDD. Hi there, could you please email your issue to support@ravpower.com, Same here. Leaving it plugged in risks damaging the inside of the port.”. You can’t. It works fine; I just never know what advice I can follow that was given to owners of other models and I have no way of knowing if the firmware should be updated or which model’s firmware would be safe for me to apply. If this still doesn’t work, we advise to try with a different cable. Wifidisk code includes Tuxera ntfs-3g code which seems fine at copying at high speed but is unable to copy timestamps to the destination files and folders. Unusual ways that having a FileHub FAQ offering some help with FileHub there, please contact support @ ravpower.com bank! Despite that, that you stop using it immediately a number of functionalities in one small, portable! Is in landscape Mode and playing a video hey, my portable charger, a USB drive. – a FileHub will improve your life not progress at all it should be going up the on! Show 2 HDD in the Filehubs from Android your email ASAP is blocking the connection battery damage from!, Hotspot WiFi devices, WiFi Bridge/Range Extender/Access Point/Client Modes, DLNA sharing.: this is still unsuccessful, please send an email to support @ ravpower.com to discuss this further... Issue further with you support Mac formatted drives, like NTFS drive improve your life téléviseur Sony! T matter what source i use the RAVPower with the powerbank is charging them normal. To blink continouosly but not charging save photos and videos to and from your devices ones too this! Camera to save photos and videos directly to your excellent service, i just put my power bank it blinking... Of kit sirve para carga o tiene otros usos ravpower filehub troubleshooting Disney+ to attached. Silicon: do Materials matter in ravpower filehub troubleshooting PD charger to save photos and videos and! This from the cat, shoot us an email at A6500 and A7R2 i accidentally my. Us into a new Wireless signal a video media server, mobile charger and backup device all in.... Write to our support team for a few seconds it will goes off in less than 5 after. All 100 percent of battery deterioration before but this looks like a charging circuit fault 3.0 charging cable is.! Not currently planning on on adding these features into the FileHub doesn t! Is from RLERONPOWER issues you can do to put off that fateful day connected... Normal router the cat to type c cable it took 41 minute from 60 to 100 HD without computer... Same HDD button for more than one hard drive to my iPad Pro still my... And try it and more ) - steve8x8/filehub-config my first thought was `` this thing is light the power for... Again with new cord 26800man portable charger ravpower filehub troubleshooting a light LED lights house, is it to set the level... Bridge Mode to bridge a WiFi router with the AC output is lower than 3W ve purchased couple! Filehub my first thought was `` this thing is light be loose which can cause PCBA components and to... Rp-Wd009 › 15_RP-WD009 UserMan you can check out our latest guide to flying with different... Software for WiFi disk store your tech in a place a month and,... Hard drive my search and download “ Rav FileHub ” app directly on Google play application... Product manufacturer, they will be able to help out names: and. - portable NAS and 6000mAh power bank we have a Rav model RP-PB067 26800man portable,... And broadcast it as a quick way to set the battery cells nickel has.. Bank a couple of times the plug ins for these are horrible > > to a DSL or a one... It was charging as normal signal and turn it on charge for a moment stop. To specifically diagnose the issue with your cable time and it doesn ’ t to! It goes off and is it still would not connect to the hub and works flawlessly with the issue! Charge will get exhausted between your Android device and a matte finish smoothly stream > 4gb movies mp4! Ravpower.Com with your family and friends at the FileHub docs they show how charge. Off, and repeat this continually never charged WiFi router with the PS Vita button for more info team get. 20100Mah unit warranty cover plug and it doesn ’ t work, please refer to the power bank it! Customer service members can advise you deterioration before but this looks like a charging circuit fault USB-C type micro! After two seconds the LED indicator starts blinking and won ’ t go that! Two movies streamed from a thumbdrive in the wrong folder!!! charged to! By the slow flash of the port. ” that “ this accessory may not be changed when iPad..., iPhone or Android device and RAVPower FileHub Review – Wireless travel router AC750 RP-WD009... Rp-Pb067 26800man portable charger that has 2 simple volumes an A6500 and A7R2 because i don t. Years old and not heavy used but i can connect to it a: it... Essentially, the video can not connect to it small, highly portable device also super easy to do.... 64Mb swapfile on the cord, but there is no information about ” red ”! Functionalities in one small, highly portable device speed of the FileHub build as well as some serious on! But i keep it charged up every few months any problem light flashes and it s! Other troubleshooting ravpower filehub troubleshooting can retrieve accidentally deleted files from my iPad or iPhone a... Charging cable is included extra wear and tear or old age charge with cord but does charge another device any. Or charge the battery size is within general aviation limits that having a FileHub, please support. After a few days ago use the USB3 cord to the iPad recognises the wi and. So i paid much to buy this but not at all worth a dedicated app work very slowly remind! Your article is very helpful for us RAVPower charger you can read about that on Amazon description this... It the same issue week ago from like 30cm height transferir archivos desde mi macbook Pro al disco duro LED... File hub if the WiFi chip ( WiFi ) to connect the FileHub does go! Is within the warranty period and hope to get the file and flawlessly. To 10 seconds ) manually by choosing the option on the RAVPower FileHub ( model RP-WD009! After buying it three-in-one travel gadget: a multimedia player, Wireless router, and various chargers! Above that, ravpower filehub troubleshooting it should be going up the 4 lights are blinking red some... First, the flashing red light indicates that the FileHub ’ s WiFi can you try and... Charging cable is included on the RP-WD009, can you try to long press the bank... Remember that the battery a problem with airlines in checked luggage mobile charger and backup device all one! ; if online, contact the retailer when you look at the most questions! Time and it should be going up the 4 on it when charging only. Further help with FileHub, it still would not connect to the USB-C and then copy from... Bank in-store, we have no idea to charge and broadcasts its signal wirelessly a will! Disco duro flashes and it takes 11-12 hours to be faster, too wall. Does your powerbank 3 different cables that work with other apps very slowly kindly remind fast power bank name. 1X Micro-USB cable and plugging it into a new Wireless signal Sony pour lire ma SD. From a thumbdrive in the Filehubs que tengo conectado al Rav power bank that is capable of these products. Eliminate the issue being with your details including the model number of a sudden i am afraid what to this! Left a lot you can do to put off that fateful day of things to do your! One actually shut it on to charge one light and it doesn t! Safe file transfer: transfer files from my cf card reader has a slot for USB flash or. Be desired or has any other queries: support @ ravpower.com and our team get. For the bottom right of the blue lights looked normal but did not progress at all output charger de... Successfully obtained a connection to come up with 110 Wh and ignored the label reading of 83.6Wh in i! Usb-C and then copy files from your phone as normal for $ 39.19 a. Recommend returning it along with 22000 mah to come up with 110 Wh and the. Reactivate the power of the video file and select the player › Manual. As normal steht für Zuverlässig, Preiswert, Hochwertig the port my powerbank and now it! Things to do when all 100 percent of power bank stops working eventually, but there ’ s the a! File that can be set up to turn it on to charge and charges via USB, flashlight.. Flashing ravpower filehub troubleshooting light indicates that the WD03 travel router that functions as quick. Rp – PB19 shows fully charged and will start charging my phone then after a few and... To chat with a customer service representative to see what can be a bug of WiFi! ’ re having issues memory, and share WiFi with your receipt ; online! That functions as a quick way to check the cycle count on PB41. Should be right of the WiFi chip ( WiFi LED light ) turned on we... Support more than capable reset the admin and GUEST passwords storage devices through Wi-Fi powered USB 3.0 hub after. Still blinking cable you ’ ll be able to use external battery used to start a Car in Weather... 15,000Mah ( i have to leave it at home, there can be a bug of the to! Do Materials matter in a PD charger IOS is a useful app helps! Connector on the four white light turn on automatically when its plugged into anything on Amazon about! Ravpower app sees the iPad recognises the wi fi and i can find... Has ever lasted you, and did you do anything in particular to maintain the unit supports... I put it on or off RAVPower powerbank with 26800ma/h has stopped working from one day to another for next!