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Foundation 2.0

GM Hanz Jimenez
PG Bone Collector
SG Christian Gopez
SF OJ Yayboe
PF The Kid
C Matt Lewis
C Too Big
SG Tre Drizz

The Problem Foundation
66 76

SEPTEMBER 30, 2007

The undefeated Problem only had one goal in their rookie season and that was to win the Championship at the newly formed Diamond Division. General Manager Dennis Adams was the newly crowed GM of the Season and "Mr. Triple Double" Steven Watts was still being recognized for his role as a role player after taking a backseat this season.

The line-ups were announced and the The Problem walked out to Lil Wayne's, "Pop Bottles". Foundation opted to walk out to James Brown's, "The Big Payback."



Main Event

GM Justin Reyes
PG OJ Yayboe
SG Dorrell
SF The Kid
PF Matt Lewis
C Jack Moore
PF Alex Cua
PG Hanz Jimenez
PG Nik Seki

Bank Main Event
63 67

SEPTEMBER 30, 2007

The Platinum Division Championship was on the line but the rookies from Foundation saw the red and white jerseys enter the building one by one.

"That's the real game right there," joked the Foundation rookies.

Immediately Main Event went to work as their 10 point deficit quickly disappeared. Main Event's OJ Yayboe, The Kid, and Matt Lewis were looking forward to avenging their 20 point loss against The Problem on Week 7 and they quickly went to work against Bank.



Money Inc.

GM Andrew Persaud
PG Yoshi Wickremetunge
SG Jason Prasad
SF John "Super J" Gorvokaj
PF Alex "Bear" Ivezaj
C Kenneth Ubom
C Alex Ramadan
SG Marlon
PG Nate Naryan

Money Inc Aztecs
76 67

SEPTEMBER 30, 2007

The two GMs wasted no time being competitive with each other and Aztecs GM, Don Clark and Money Inc. GM Andrew Persaud knew it was their moment to be a first time Gold Division Champion.

Don's second trip to the Finals with the Aztecs had a key player missing for the Championships. Ryan Mileski, the Regular Season three-point record holder with 17 three's was unavailable for the game and the Aztecs scrambled to find a suitable game plan against Money Inc., a team that's played together for the last 3 seasons. It took a total of four seasons but Money Inc. claimed their first Championship after beating their nemesis, 70-59.