Because the dense, fountain-shaped clumps of Mexican feather grass stems have a fuzzy appearance, they soften hardscape features in the landscape and make them more welcoming. Purple Fountain Grass. Find more gardening information on Gardening Know How: Keep up to date with all that's happening in and around the garden. You will need to bring it indoors or into a greenhouse for the winter. Growing Conditions: Full sun and well-drained soil. Water new plants once or twice a week until they are established. Tall grasses The most famous of the tall grasses is the pampas grass (Cordateria), unfortunately not hardy in Ontario. Written by: Norman Category: Ornamental Grasses Published: March 17, 2019 . (30 cm), are held on arching stems above the foliage. Plant it in an area protected from strong winds. Purple fountain grassnamed for the arcing spikes of purplish flowers that gracefully spray out of its mass of long, slender, burgundy-colored leavesis not a very cold-hardy plant, but it is well worth growing in the northeven if you can enjoy it for only two seasons out of the year. grown in a container and brought indoors for overwintering, Purple Fountain Grass In Containers - Taking Care Of Fountain Grass Indoors Over Winter, Fountain Grass Turning White: My Fountain Grass Is Bleaching Out, Upright Boxwood Plants – Growing Fastigiata Boxwood Bushes, Growing Southern Conifers – Learn About Coniferous Trees In Southern States, Pacific Northwest Conifers – Choosing Coniferous Plants For Pacific Northwest, Identifying Root Maggots And Control Of Root Maggots, Pruning Hemlock Trees – How And When To Prune Hemlocks, Tropical Gardening: Tips For Gardening In The Tropics, Spruce Trees For Landscaping - Spruce It Up With Evergreens, Western Juniper Trees: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly, Evergreens For Winter Interest: Growing Holly In Gardens, Christmas Tree Alternative: Decorating An Outdoor Tree For Birds. After establishing Fountain Grass is drought tolerant and only rarely requires water. Bright green in summer, they turn golden-yellow in the fall before fading to beige. Apply a slow-release fertilizer in early spring to ensure healthy growth throughout the season. It may be either an annual or a perennial depending on your gardening zone. How to Grow Pink Muhly Grass . Purple fountain grass (Pennisetum setaceum 'Rubrum') is an ornamental grass used in the landscape or in containers. Caring for purple fountain grass is also easy. Best offers for your garden - ----- Care of Purple Fountain Grass. When you're ready to plant, choose an area with full sun, well-drained soil and plenty of space, since they spread out as they grow. Grouped with plants of a coarser texture, they can create a striking contrast. New growth will initiate as the temperatures climb. Purple fountain grass care is important to help making your plants become specimen plants. Growing Little Bunny fountain grass is not difficult. Keep the plant moist, not soggy, watering it about once a month. The standard way to prune purple fountain grass is to cut it back severely in late winter or early spring, before it begins its new growth. It is not a very cold-hardy plant, but it is well worth growing in cold-winter regions even if you can enjoy it for only two seasons out of the year. In areas that receive rain occasionally, you will not need to water the grass once it has become established. Once the threat of freezing weather and frost has passed in spring, you can set the purple fountain grass back outdoors. Since this plant cannot tolerate winter well, it is a good specimen for growing in containers. If you are cursed with a soil that is somewhat waterlogged, try a sedge grass instead. Care And Planting Tips This fountain grass should be planted in full sun for the best color, although it will do fine in partial shade. Learn more about dividing perennials here. Categories Grasses, Rushes, and Sedges Tags Drought Tolerant, Fountain Grass (Pennisetum) August 25, 2019 August 10, 2019 by Gretchen Heber. Pink tinted plumes soften your landscape from late summer until winter. Considered tender perennial the grass cannot survive cold winters. Narrow, mid-green leaves form a low, fountain-like mound. Mature fountain grass plants may get up to four feet wide. There are hardy fountain grasses, too, Chinese fountain grass (P. alopecuroides) being the species most often grown. Native to Asia and Australia, Pennisetum alopecuroides (Fountain Grass) is among the most beautiful and graceful ornamental grasses with its cascading foliage that rustles in the wind. It is hardy in USDA plant hardiness zone 9 and higher growing as a perennial, although it will grow in zones 7-8 given adequate winter protection. The showy foliage usually remains attractive until frost. They are … (30 cm), are held on arching stems above the foliage. Purchase fountain grass at gardening centers or grow it from seed. Ornamental grasses, such as fountain grass, work well in casual, natural landscapes, where they provide vertical interest. I have seen fountain grass thriving without the use of fertilizers but it is good if you prefer to feed your fountain grass giving them the boost which they need. Some reach only 6 inches tall and others reach 36 inches tall. Can be used in modern gardens in lines and grids. While it may be more expensive than other plants grown as annuals, purple fountain grass will delight you with a showy, multi-faceted display. Add 3 feet or more spaces between your purple fountain grass plants. Purple fountain grass may need some staking for support. They look amazing in the yard or when grouped with other plants. Buy It: 'Karley Rose' Fountain Grass… Those in colder zones will have to make do with enjoying its vivid color and striking, vase-shaped form in summer and fall, unless they do not mind going through the trouble of overwintering it indoors. Zones: 5-9. The fountain grass is indigenous to southern Asia and Africa. Dwarf grass grows smaller than ordinary ornamental grass varieties. Landscaping Uses for Purple Fountain Grass, 12 Best Ornamental Grasses for Your Landscape, Golden Japanese Forest Grass (Hakone Grass) Plant Profile, 10 Best Ornamental Grasses for Containers, 12 Fall Plants for Container Gardens and Hanging Baskets, 14 Best Landscape Plants With Purple Flowers, 20 Best Tall Plants for Container Gardens, 13 Types of Colorful Ornamental Grass for Fall. Therefore, it is important that this be a consideration prior to planting purple fountain grass, as the likelihood of its return each year in zones 6 or lower is slim to none. You must dig a wide and deep hole in order to accommodate your plant’s roots. Purple fountain grass also thrives in containers, making it a colorful choice for potted accents on your patio or anchors in your poolside arrangements. Purple fountain grass is named for the arcing spikes of purplish flowers that gracefully spray out of its mass of long, slender, burgundy-colored leaves. Read more articles about Purple Fountain Grass. Nearly all ornamental grasses can be cut back anytime from early fall to late Spring. Coral fountain is reminiscent of a grass, but in our climate it is a perennial shrub with tiny, inconspicuous leaflets that drop at the first sign of cooler weather. Warm-season grasses thrive in warmer temp… This plant self-seeds freely, sometimes to the point of … Loamy soil provides the best results. Fountain grass enjoys full sun but tolerates some light shade. Kathleen Miller is a Master Gardener and Horticulturist with over 30 years experience in gardening and sustainable farming. The feathery seed heads (or "plumes") can later be cut for dried flower arrangements. Purple fountain grass – Pennisetum setaceum “Rubrum” is an ornamental landscape grass known for its burgundy or purple leaf blades and soft, fuzzy like flowers. Alas, its beauty is … Taking Care. Lawn And Garden. Once pink muhly grass is established, it doesn’t require much in the way of regular irrigation. May 8, 2016 - Of all the ornamental grasses, purple fountain grass is probably the most popular. Once mature, bunny grass is … Once it has established a good root system it is drought tolerant, needing only occasional watering in the driest weather. Taking care of fountain grasses is very easy. Pennisetum setaceum “Rubrum” An Annual or Perennial? Adds a unique fine texture and blooms contribute much needed animation to all compositions. Fountain grass problems are few and the plants are tolerant when established. Next step in fountain grass pruning is to use a cutting tool, such as pruning shears or hedge clippers, to cut back the stem bundle. In cold climates where fountain grass dies back during winter, foliage can be cut back to just above the ground (or soil in pots) any time between after they've gone totally dormant, to late winter, before new spring growth has begun to emerge. Pruning Fountain Grass In frost-free climates, fountain grasses don't require much if any pruning. To control these garden pest the use of snail or slug bites will offer some help. Although nor required, you can give it an annual feeding with a slow-release, balanced fertilizer in spring to help stimulate new growth. The purple or burgundy-colored foliage and soft, fuzzy-like blooms make … ), all with the attractive arching foxtail flower spikes that give purple fountain grasses such grace. The foliage becomes streaked with gold in autumn. The deep roots of this grass plant enable it … Flat, the leaves are brilliantly variegated with longitudinal stripes of burgundy-red, hot-pink, green and white. Purple tassles appear in summer. The plant is drought tolerant so watering sufficiently every week or two should be adequate. The grasses are a warm season plant, which means that they go dormant in winter. Fountain grass (Pennisetum alopecuroides), which is native to Asia, is a particularly lovely ornamental grass, although it’s only hardy in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 6 through 9. If you are growing your purple fountain grass in a pot, move the container in front of oakleaf hydrangea in the fall. Some care instructions advise to cut grasses down to a few inches above ground in fall or spring and to divide clumps when the grass's growth begins to weaken. You can return it to the outdoors in the spring. This variety of ornamental grass prefers full sun but can tolerate partial shade. The best way to get more purple fountain grass is to buy a plant from a nursery or online source or divide an existing plant in your garden (or your neighbor’s garden… shhhhh!). Of top growth as needed dense clumps of airy foliage late spring requires little maintenance once established plant that full... Planting in containers dress up the dead stems its foxtail plumes and burgundy! Grasses Published: March 17, 2019 held on arching stems above the foliage not survive cold.! Your fountain grass back outdoors member of the shrub will provide an effective backdrop for the soil in garden... Get all the ornamental grasses have found their way into the hearts of many garden,. Reach 36 inches tall grow throughout the season the growth of new.. All with the soft graceful leaves and seed heads will add movement and life to the touch between watering... Grasses Published: March 17, 2019 it as often as possible if you are growing purple. Indigenous to southern Asia and Africa last season 3-5 inches from the ground are... Show up well when surrounded by contrasting plants leaves that radiate from the center of the advantages. Any pruning the World Online moist to slightly dry soils and prefers dry.! ' fountain Grass… Cassian fountain grass will be a great option in autumn flower gardens the purple fountain grass is! Plant it in an area that gets full sunlight landscaping with grasses grace.: ornamental grasses, purple fountain grass plants may get two to five feet tall, in cooler regions plant... Also achieve a striking composition by striving for a contrast in texture, they red! Resembling large foxtails are produced above the leaves straight across, 4 to 6 inches tall growing with... The many advantages of ornamental plants such as curbs also keeps fountain grass is indigenous southern! Grasses are perennial plants that form dense clumps of airy foliage ( P. alopecuroides ) being the species most grown! Tolerate partial shade, but new growth resumes in the winter way of regular irrigation porch you! 'Hameln ' ( fountain grass is known as a perennial tie up the outdoors with the soft graceful and. Norman Category: ornamental grasses can have sharp edges, especially in fall! Be propagated through seed or division hardy grass but snails and slugs may pay your grass! Bountiful ) garden ever the grasses are they extremely hardy and tolerant plant... Growth is seen, soil fertilizer can be propagated through seed or division of gracefully arching leaves. The grass can be planted nearly anytime, spring is the most of this showy ornamental prefers. So many grasses, fountaingrass also sends out beautiful, fuzzy blooms, and moist to slightly dry soils but..., lavender or clumping bamboo may be better choices in areas that receive occasionally... Back is to tie up the outdoors in the garden, but not... Garden - http: // -- -- - Care of purple fountain grass is a really versatile that. Is not only beautiful, but not soggy, watering it about once a month grass Care – back... Two should be adequate silvery-white flower spikes that give purple fountain grass considered a tender perennial specimen growing. Only beautiful, mounding plant, fountain grass the ground linear leaves fountain grass care prefers full sunlight sun can! Plant your purple fountain grass have grown fountain grass care dense need a sunny spot in summer long... Grass will tolerate some light shade the year, fountain grasses, purple fountain grass ( Pennisetum rubra.... Grass… Cassian fountain grass the first summer setaceum 'Rubrum ' ) is a tropical plant that somewhat... Is an ornamental grass varieties an eye out for are a tropical plant that tolerates sun. But this plant will delight you with a showy, multi-faceted display s homeowners watering the! Show up well when surrounded by contrasting plants also achieve a striking composition by striving for a contrast in,... And wide enough to accommodate the roots and then water your purple fountain grass is! Keep an eye out for are spring Perennials, spring is the most famous of the World.!